Monday, August 19, 2019

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy! Periodontitis Alert

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Periodontitis Alert


Need another reason to keep your blood glucose levels down?

How about your teeth and gum health?
Want to keep your teeth?
Crazy thing -
 Periodontal disease
(a fancy name for mouth disease)
is considered the sixth leading complication of diabetes.

But Guess What??

Gum disease may raise blood glucose levels in those WITHOUT diabetes.
So if you have diabetes
gum disease
DOUBLE whammy
even TRIPLE whammy.

Why You Ask?

High glucose allows bacteria in the mouth to grow
Irritating the gums and causing inflammation
which triggers an entire body inflammatory response
which  raises blood sugar
which allows bacteria to grow in the mouth
Which causes irritation to the gums
We are back to the beginning of a circle
that makes BOTH conditions worse!

Tips and Tricks

Try to keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range
Brush your teeth 2x a day with a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste
Get a periodontal evaluation every year
Let your dentist know you have diabetes
Let your doctor know if you have periodontal disease
Stop smoking
Reduce stress
Eat right - lean protein, whole grains, vegetables

Warning Signs

Bad breath
Mouth sores
Loose or separating teeth
Red, swollen, tender gums
Bleeding when flossing or brushing
Mouth pain
Receding gums
Make an appointment if you experience these symptoms.

Let's keep our terrific smiles!!

Have a great numbers day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Is Time In Range?

What is Time in Range?


Time in Target Range

Daily Pattern

Know YOUR Range

Experts recommend your glucose number should be between 70-180 mg/dl
for at least  70% of the day.
This range is different for every person.
Are you Type 1?
Type 1.5?
Type 2?
Are you on medication?
What is your diet and activity levels like?
Personal questions only you can answer.
While we like to avoid the high numbers,
avoiding lows is just as important.
I am for 70-130mg/dl.
I have read where the 150 mg/dl is the "damage" occurring number.
SO, I try to stay under that number
when I do, on occasion, hit those higher numbers
I try to lower the number quickly.
I review my Libra reports,
like the ones above to see how I'm doing.
Lately, with a 3 year old
a new full-time job
I haven't been as
My numbers have been okay!

Your Range

What is your range?
How are you doing staying in that range?
What keeps you in
what kicks you out of that range?
Have a great numbers number day!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated  

Are you having a hard time staying motivated?
Ready to quit?  
Not sure you are still interested in what you started? 
Not sure if what you started was the right thing to do?  
Just plain tired of doing what you are doing?  
Don't want to log?  
Don't want to write?
Don't want to test?
 We all get tired of the maintenance work diabetes requires.
Tired of the same old same old:
You know - like
Blood work
And On And
  My new move to help?
 My calendar and little book.  
What is bugging me the most?
My calendar gets told today that starting a new job was harder than expected.
I mark 50 days from today. 
My little book has the positives and negatives
BUT  I am really trying to focus on the positives.
You know what I mean
There are other positives and I need that list.
I read where doing something 50 times
can cause you feel like you are invested in that activity.
We are invested emotionally.
We are invested financially.
We are invested time-wise.
Once you have invested yourself in different ways  it is hard to walk away.
Once you look at the chart of your numbers after eating certain foods,
seeing the numbers and learning the good, bad and ugly,
there is motivation to keep logging the food
keeping track of your numbers which makes you test.
Have a great numbers day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Learn to Find Joy and Have Better Health

Learn to Find Joy and Have Better Health

Finding Joy

Did You Know JOY is Learned??

I did not.
There are 8 things you can do  to learn JOY according to
an article in Health Psychology.
Thing is,
I couldn't find the article online!
NPR published this:

Here's a quick summary of the eight techniques used in Moskowitz' study:
  1. Take a moment to identify one positive event each day.
  2. Tell someone about the positive event or share it on social media. This can help you savor the moment a little longer.
  3. Start a daily gratitude journal. Aim to find little things you're grateful for, such as a good cup of coffee, a pretty sunrise or nice weather.
  4. Identify a personal strength and reflect on how you've used this strength today or in recent weeks.
  5. Set a daily goal and track your progress. "This is based on research that shows when we feel progress towards a goal, we have more positive emotions," Moskowitz says. The goal should not be too lofty. You want to be able to perceive progress.
  6. Try to practice "positive reappraisal": Identify an event or daily activity that is a hassle. Then, try to reframe the event in a more positive light. Example: If you're stuck in traffic, try to savor the quiet time. If you practice this enough, it can start to become a habit.
  7. Do something nice for someone else each day. These daily acts of kindness can be as simple as giving someone a smile or giving up your seat on a crowded train. Research shows we feel better when we're kind to others.
  8. Practice mindfulness by paying attention to the present moment. You can also try a 10-minute breathing exercise that uses a focus on breathing to help calm the mind.

Want Another Reason to Learn JOY?

It seems Dr. Moskowitz did another study with others
Check this out if you need some heavy reading -
Here is what I got from the article:
Distress causes problems and impacts behavior and outcome.
Optimism, positive affect, self-efficacy, and gratitude,
all considered well-being constructs,
are associated with superior health outcomes
better glucose control, motivation for self-care, and lower mortality.
stress, anxiety and depression.
I say WIN WIN!
We know diabetes changes our lives.
Diabetes invades our thoughts, constantly.
Diet, exercise, medications, monitoring glucose.
All requiring constant attention.
While we have to think about these things
try to think about what is good in your life.
Focus on right now.
Focus on the good.
Try the 8 steps listed about and let me know if see or feel a difference.
Today I am grateful for the chance to write this blog.
Today I am grateful for the 10 minutes of lifting weights.
Today I am grateful for the fact my grandson is now (mostly) potty-trained.
Right now, I am grateful for yummy avocado toast because I am hungry.
Have a great numbers days!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Beware the ALL or NOTHING Attitude

Beware the All Or Nothing Attitude


"Watch" Out

Like my little pun?
We all keep track of time, sometimes.
But this isn't about our ability to
lose track of time,
especially when surfing the Internet.
This is about
we don't have the time to
Input food to a program
Meal plan
All because we don't have an hour or three.


"I can't work out! I have to change, drive to the gym
AND that's before working out!
After working out, I have to shower, change, drive home....."
Well guess what.
Take a 5 minute walk.
Get outside and sweep the front walk.
Hula Hoop with the kids.
5 minutes is better than ZERO.

"I don't have time to write!  I have to find my notebook.
I don't have fancy stationary to write that letter.
Where is that pen? It's too noisy."
Find that notebook and put it by your bed.
Tonight, write the best thing about the day.
Jot a note to a friend - they won't care you wrote it on notebook paper.
They will be happy to hear from you!
1 minute - 1 card is better than ZERO.

"Logging food takes so much time! And I can't even remember what I ate today"
Use your phone!
Try Chronometer or easy to use program.
Even if you only log on the weekends
When you eat something unusual.
1 meal or 1 day is better than ZERO.

"Meal plan? Are you kidding? I am lucky I eat.
And grocery shopping is a disaster!"
Do you eat the same breakfast like me?
I rotate between 3 different breakfasts
While I eat breakfast, since it is automated,
I think about lunch and dinner.
Planning one or two meals is better than ZERO.

What do you not do because you don't have time to complete what you consider to be the


Beware of the ALL or NOTHING

Believe it or not -
SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING
And occasionally that something is better.
I missed my morning work out
so later that evening we went on a walk.
The walk allowed for a talk.
The talk allowed for a serious discussion while enjoying a beautiful view
(which I think actually helped us be creative in finding a solution!)

Don't allow the ALL OR NOTHING attitude

stop you from doing at least a few minutes.

Remind yourself that any number is better than Zero
use whatever makes it easy and convenient

Do you have an All or Nothing attitude that trips you up on occasion?
Let us know!

Have a great numbers day,



Saturday, May 25, 2019

Take a Pill the Right Way - Maybe

Take a Pill the Right Way - Maybe


Believing Research

I was reading a magazine and came across an article about swallowing  pills.
A German study had concluded there were better ways
and described 2 methods.
I wasn't so much interested in the new methods.
I just wanted to know WHY?
I have no problem taking pills.
Why this study?
I am used to swallowing lot of pills.
Big pills.
I pop all of them in my mouth.
I use my teeth to push the pills to the back of my tongue and mouth.
Yep, I stick out my tongue to push them back close to my throat.
Grab a glass of whatever is handy -
Except hot beverages-
Except warm beverages when taking fish oil -
then I gulp.
Down they go.
So I looked around and found out that people have problems taking pills.
Various reasons too:
Fear of choking
Natural desire to chew before swallowing
Fear of gagging
Fear of pill going down wrong pipe
Harvard looked at the study and made a few comments

Harvard says don't try different techniques at home.


If like me you have never had an issue taking pills - yay!!
If you have a problem, do as they suggest, get with your Dr.


If you never had a problem but do now,
let your Dr. know
as diabetics we are prone to
things like
Acid reflux
Neurological damage
Dry mouth
Thyroid problems
just being diabetic can also be to blame.

If you have problems swallowing, pills or food, ask the Dr. to help you!

I hope you have a great numbers day!




Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diabetes Distress


Diabetes Distress



CDC:Diabetes Distress

My Doctor said I was stressed.
Maybe, possibly depressed.
My complaints?
about possible future complications.
about current complications getting worst
about how high numbers might be affecting me.
When I can’t eat what I want whenever I want
at the cost of medicine, sensors, test strips, and insurance that costs a ridiculous amount and won’t pay for anything.
when I can’t spoil myself or my grandkids because above costs leave me with zero extra cash.
when I eat healthy only to spike and not know why.
at a BBQ or party where delicious carb packed food is overflowing and I have to pick or take 1 bite of a few items
planning my life around food, packing emergency snacks for highs, lows, missed snacks or meals
when I eat and I’m full but I’m not satisfied
when I miss a workout or don’t put much effort into it.
when I pig out or over indulge and spike.
when someone tries to alter their menu or plans to accommodate me
when above effort doesn’t work out
when I don’t put my food in my program to watch my carbs and watch how I eat
since I don’t know if I caused this or might have even sped up the process with my teenage junk food diet
When I don’t eat at parties or pick very small scoops to eat,
 especially when someone notices and comments on my “picky” eating
When someone comments on my weight
When people notice my sensor and just look.  Ask. I would rather say what it is than have someone wonder what is wrong with me or avoid me
He mentioned medication.
Nope, no more meds please.
Amazingly I was cleaning out old magazines and came upon an article about
Distress is a normal reaction to the stress and strain of managing a progressive, chronic disease.
Distress is gaining attention but not enough in my opinion.

This was written in 2013

2014 a summary of research was presented to the ADA

Hello 2019!!!  Where is the new research??

Distress can rise:
when there are changes in treatment
when there is the development of a complication or complications worsen
when insulin is started
when there is poor control
when you feel your Dr.'s aren't listening
Realize distress is normal for both the diabetic and their family
Form or join a social network for support, online or locally
Learn your distress warning signs and find management strategies
Talk about your fears and feelings so others know how to help (Then ask for help and accept the help!)
Learn about diabetes self-management.
For me, some of my distress comes from liking a routine –
Get up, work out, eat, prepare for day and have a schedule
With changes in medication and other life issues I need to be more flexible.
Have 15 minutes? Pick up the weights
Tired of cooking? Boyfriend offered to grab salads from W** which I love, accept offer
Number high? Go walk and find a few golf balls
Eat before BBQ’s and parties just in case
Oh and quit giving food so much power….
My distress level seems to constantly change but it really increases
when time for blood work and doctor appointments
when there is a party or eating at an unknown restaurant
when invited over for dinner
on Thursday when I grocery shop
Got some of my triggers, time to look for strategies!
DO you feel like diabetic distress is a part of your life? What are your triggers?
Have a great numbers day!

Monday, May 20, 2019

So Hard to Say NO

So Hard to Say NO

Ways to say NO

I Have a Hard Time Saying No

So little time!
So much to do!
I thought being
on sabbatical,
laid off,
lacking work,
on a retreat,
or whatever you call it when not formally employed,
I would have all the time I wanted
to do everything I put off while raising a family
working more than full-time.


Seems I am just as busy as ever.
How do I say no?
I realized as I was looking at ways to say NO
that I needed to decide what I wanted to do.
I needed to decide my YES.
We all have the HAVE TO DO's.
Work. Laundry. Food shopping and prep. Cleaning.
Where do I want to SPEND my TIME?
What is truly important to me?
They say to find out what is important to someone just looked at
where they SPEND their
time and money! 
Without knowing where I wanted to spend my time (and money),
then I allow others to make that decision for me.
Uhhhhh, no.
Time to decide what I REALLY want to do
as well as
is this the right time to do it.

Diabetic Care

I have decided to make this a priority.
Watching carbs.
Finding good foods I like.
Exercise, like walking and weights.
Using a program to monitor my food and glucose numbers.
Giving myself time,
by saying no to things others want me to do
I say YES to things I need to do for me.
Things like:
Log food
Meal plan
Practice pickle ball
Call my mom and dad
Set a better routine
Free time for whatever comes my way


saying no to stuff that isn't top priority to you
gives you time (and sometimes money)
to say YES to you and what matters the most in YOUR life.
What are the priorities in YOUR LIFE?
Have a great numbers day!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Itch Itch Scratch Scratch - Dry Diabetic Skin

Itch Itch Scratch Scratch - Dry Diabetic Skin

Dry Skin

Spring - Coming Out From The Layers

A time of hiding skin under
sweatpants and sweatshirts.
Layers of clothes,
socks and shoes.
A time of showing skin.
and sandals.

Yikes! Dry Skin Alert

Oh my....
as I transition to skin showing shorts and shirts
My skin is dry, flaky, itchy, and, did I mention DRY?
I have bottles of lotion everywhere.
What else can I do?

Prevention Tips

So here are a few tips if you suffer from dry skin.
One thing may not help but put a few tips together
and you just might see a difference.
1. Warm baths and showers.
NOT hot
2. Less frequent bathing.
Wash only what's dirty.
Yes, you know, those places.....
3. Moisturizing soap
4. NO bubble baths
5. Pat dry, leaving skin slightly damp
6. Apply lotion to slightly damp skin
-Lock that moisture in-
Avoiding between toes
7. Use a humidifier especially in drier climates
I have different lotions for different locations.
I am hoping all of this will help me have
Spring Worthy Skin!!
What lotions or creams do you find work the best?
Have a great numbers day!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

REAL Normal Blood Glucose Numbers

REAL Normal Blood Glucose Numbers

If you wonder what blood glucose looks like for people without diabetes, mean glucose is typically 100 mg/dl or less, which corresponds to an A1C of less than 5.7% (the cutoff for diagnosing prediabetes). The cutoff for diagnosing diabetes is an A1C of 6.5%, corresponding to a mean glucose of roughly 135 mg/dl.

What is “normal” CGM Data in Adults and Kids Without Diabetes?

Dr. Roy Beck of Florida’s Jaeb Center, on behalf of USC’s Dr. Anne Peters, shared continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data for individuals without diabetes. Why did they study this? Good question! This study may well help inform targets for optimal glucose control and needed improvements in diabetes management. Researchers analyzed 10 days of Dexcom G6 CGM data from 153 children (6+ years) and adults with a baseline A1C of 5.1%. The primary findings:
  • Among all study participants, the average blood sugar was 99 mg/dl
  • Time-in-tight-range of 70-140 mg/dl was 97% in this group of people without diabetes
  • Average time in hyperglycemia (blood glucose greater than 140 mg/dl) for the group was 2.1% (just 30 minutes per day)
  • Average time greater than 160 mg/dl was approximately 4 mins/day
  • Time below 60 mg/dl and 54 mg/dl were both negligible

Another Opinion

Dr Bernstein claims 4.2% to 4.6% A1c which translates to an average of 83 mg/dL
He says in this article that he sees complications at 6.5%
BUT NOT at 5%
6.5% is an average of 160 mg/dL

Are "Real" Normal Numbers Achievable?

Yes according to low carb advocates.
Yes according to Dr Bernstein.
But I tried Low Carb High Fat.
Not sustainable and my numbers didn't drop to "real" normal numbers.
Plus my stress level went way up.
Plus my satisfaction with eating went way down.
I didn't enjoy my food or mealtimes.
So now I am trying low carb meaning 75g to 100g net carb
(meaning carb minus fiber = net carb)
not high fat, especially animal.
I eat avocados and nuts which have quite a bit of fat
I need calories from somewhere.
I am limiting my cheese which is SO hard for me.
Food seems to always be a work in progress.
I am hoping Cronometer helps me
More on that later!!

Each of us is different in our diabetes journey
Our bodies are different.
Our temperaments are different.
Our food tolerances, like, dislikes, and allergies are different.
Let's do our best while forgiving ourselves when we don't .
I'm aiming for a better A1c 
for  better and healthier life,
physically and mentally.

What are you doing for better numbers?

Have a great numbers day!


Thursday, March 28, 2019

No More Januvia, Hello ? (Options When Insurance Won't Pay)

No More Januvia, Hello ?

(Options When Insurance Won't Pay)

Januvia Bottle With My Notes

Januvia Costs About $500 a Month

Insurance won't cover.
Insurance won't pay a penny.
Not even after I pay a $7500 deductible.
I won't even go into how much a pay for this crappy health care policy
Since that isn't today's point.

Here I am emailing my doctor with options.
Metformin works somewhat but the high highs and low lows are a killer.
So I get his opinions on different meds
Oh and I Google.
A lot of Google searches.
Insurance will cover the old stuff


These drugs stimulate the insulin produced by the pancreas.
These can cause low blood sugars
I have read that stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin
can be a bad thing if you're a Type 1.5
since it burns out the pancreas faster.
Which means more insulin later.
Right now though my concern is the lows.
I get low, really low, at night.
50s and 60s low.
Another negative,
My Dr. says no.

Thiazolidinedione or Glitazones

This drug reduces the  resistance to insulin.
Well, that isn't helpful!
Seems the antibodies test I had shows that I am NOT insulin resistant.
Ok, so let's not take a drug just for fun.
If I don't need it, I don't want it.
Thank you, NO THANK YOU!!!


 Gliptins or DPP-4 Inhibitors

Januvia is in this class.
And it helped with the high spikes and low drops.
I called insurance and asked for help with the website for pharmacy benefits.
NOTHING is covered until I meet the deductible??
NOOOOO she says.  Let me check she says.
We review what her computer says my benefits are.
Januvia is not covered, not at all.
It is in the same family as Januvia
My doctor actually suggested it
Insurance will cover it with a co-pay of $15!!!

The prescription is sent over.
The pharmacy wants to fill it.
The insurance says nope,
Not going to approve,
Not until the doctor fills out said forms,
Not until they think I need it.



So now I wait.
I wait for insurance to say yes or no.
I wait for insurance to decide what they think is best for me.
I pay for insurance to help me stay well
And for what I pay
I should get the gold standard treatment.

We will see.
I wait.

Have a great numbers day!




Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Get This CGM Off Me!

Get This CGM Off Me!

Removal Mark From Libre Sensor

Forcing a Sensor Off and The Mark Left Behind

My sensors stick.
I might have a bit of lifting but usually when it runs out anyway.
How can I get the sensor off without
or resorting to physical abuse?
There are adhesive removers 
I didn't really want to spend money if there was something I could use
that was in my pantry or makeup box.
Baby oil to cooking oil.


Baby oil it is.
What a difference a dab of oil and 15 minutes made.
My new go to when removing  sensor.
in like 14 days lol!

What do you use when it is time to change a sensor/pump/anything stuck to your skin?

Have a great numbers day!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Same Meal, Different Blood Glucose Number? Eat Your Carb Last

Same Meal, Different Blood Glucose Number?

Eat Your Carb Last

Can Changing the Order of Your Food Help Your BG Number?

It seems, according to this small study, that changing HOW you eat your meal can change your BG number.
Say What???

The test included the same meal for 3 different days
The eating order:
1.  Carbohydrate, 10 minutes later protein and vegetable.
2.  Protein and vegetable, followed 10 minutes later with the carbohydrate.
3.  All three together.


#2.  Glucose was 53% lower
#3. Glucose was 44% lower
Now - this was for the first 30 and 60 minutes after the meal.
After that, the #1 order had lower numbers at the 120, 150, and 180 mark.
Seems the bread caused a big spike in glucose which caused an insulin release creating a low.
So eating the bread first causes a spike and a low.
Eating your protein and fibrous salad/vegetables slows everything down helping to keep glucose numbers even.
OK, maybe not even as in a flat line but less of a big spike with a big drop.
The treacherous high/low that can get us into trouble.

Dinner Time

I think I may try that tonight.
We are having chicken, salad and either pasta (which I eat about 4 noodles) or 1/2 a small potato.
I think I will eat in the order I just wrote this.
See what the numbers do.
I might even try this with breakfast.
Seems I've started to get higher numbers with the exact same breakfast.
Exact same, for months and months.
Maybe I'll switch the order and see what happens.

Guinea pig time!!

How do you eat your meals?
Do you have a set order (me)?
Or do you take a bite of this and a bite of that (aka my BF)?

Eat and test and let's see what happens!

Have a great numbers day!



Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Crazy Week = Crazy Glucose Numbers? Not This Time!

Crazy Week = Crazy Glucose Numbers? Not This Time!


My Planner

Oh Crap!

Had a crazy week of traveling with no schedule.
It was crazy, yes, a totally crazy week.
Have you had those weeks?
No place or time to exercise.
Fast food, dining out, eating on the run.
In a motel.
SO much to do with not enough time.

I had a house I needed to get ready to sell.
Inside needed a make over.
Outside needed TLC.
I planned a week.
I needed a month.
So every morning I woke up at a motel.
One that served a breakfast of make your own waffles with toppings.
Bagels, English muffins, toast, pastries.
Fruit juice, apples, bananas.
I passed all of that up and headed to the egg omelets.
Sprinkled grated cheddar cheese on top.
Grabbed a small serving of a raisin bran type cereal tossing the raisins in the trash.
As I ran out the door I grabbed a small green apple and 2 tubs of peanut butter.

We hit the ground running.
Moving furniture, washer, dryer and refrigerator.
Scrubbing, cleaning, scraping, washing, mopping, wiping.
Clipping, sweeping, scooping, chopping.
Hauling and dumping.

Average 7300 Steps

I workout every morning on a Precor and aim for at least 6000 steps a day.
I try to do weight lifting or resistance 3x a week.
Not this week!!
In spite of no Precor or attempted exercise routines
I managed to average 7300 steps for the week.
An my muscles screamed every night for a bit of R&R.
My head hit the pillow and I was asleep.
I slept! Hard.

Adjustments Based on Knowledge

The first day I went low.
I ate a fairly low carb breakfast
I worked, hard
And felt a low coming.
Thankfully I had grabbed the apple and peanut butter.
I planned a higher than usual carb lunch to prepare for a hard afternoon and it paid off.
I also got a small lunch to go and used that as a snack when I needed it.
Dinner was lighter carb and just plain lighter because we ended up eating late.
The next morning I made an egg sandwich with a small muffin.
I grabbed 2 apples and peanut butter.
I was trying to be prepared for a day that was a free for all!

Better Numbers Than I Hoped For

I have been eating, testing, working out, testing, eating, testing, drinking, testing
Ever since I was diagnosed and long before any meds were prescribed.
I have a pretty good idea of foods not to eat (spikes with following lows)
What to eat when I am going to be active.
It was a challenge and I wasn't perfect (who is??!!)
I did much better than I thought.
I didn't log food into my program.
I didn't complete my regularly scheduled workouts.
I didn't go to bed on time and got up earlier.

I managed to keep my BG numbers in a fairly tight range by doing what I know works.
It usually worked!
Yes, there was a time or two where I thought what I was doing was more of a workout
And Oops!
Went a bit high, but not so high where I panicked. 

How do you. plan for a day where anything could happen?
Do you have a go to food list in your mind that you know you are safe with?
Do you have those "carby" snacks that get your number back up?
What are your tricks when life throws you a curveball?

Have a great numbers day!



Monday, February 4, 2019

Activating and Removing 14 Day Libre Sensors

Activating and Removing 14 Day Libre Sensors

It seems like yesterday I got the new 14 day Libre Sensors.
Yet here it is,
time to activate the 2nd sensor and remove the first one.

So far I haven't had any issues with the new sensor.
It didn't itch.
It didn't come off.
It didn't peel or lift from the adhesive.
No error messages on the reader.
Reader uploaded to LibreView with new driver download.

The new sensor has been in place for about 20 hours.
Hopefully my body and the new filament have decided to play nice.
I scan the last scan on the old sensor
scan the new sensor.
60 minutes and the new sensor will be ready.


Hope this video helps if you are new to the Libre.

Have a great numbers day!


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Installating a 14 Day Libre Sensor

Installing a 14 Day Libre Sensor







Getting the Libre Sensor On Your Site

Whatever you want to call it,
here is a quick video of me
getting that sensor on my arm!

12 Hour Resting Tine

(before activating)
My old 14 day sensor will end tomorrow morning around 8.
I like to attach my new sensors 12-24 hours prior to activating.
This allows my body to adjust to the foreign body I deliberately placed in it.
Joe Short, an administrator on the
USA users - Abbott FreeStyle Libre Facebook page,
has posted that on average
the error rate is 50% higher in the day following insertion.
This does vary from person to person.
Personally, I find my reading are better if I give the sensor
-and my body-
some resting time after installing.
Hope you enjoy the video!
See you tomorrow for activating the new and removing the old!
Have a great numbers day,

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

14 Day Libre Switch

14 Day Libre Switch

Part 1 of the Libre Switch
I inserted the 14 day sensor before going to bed.
My 10 day sensor was still active thanks to Glimp.
I kept using Glimp on the old sensor
I wasn't ready to activate the new sensor.
I wanted to give the new sensor
"settle in" time.
I would activate when I got up
Yay!!! no more 12 hour waiting time.
I am so happy the Dr didn't have any issues writing a script.
I love my Libre.
My fingertips love the Libre.
My boyfriend loves the Libre.
I can scan and go.
Hiking, walking, eating, whatever.
SOOOO easy!


Part 2 of the Libre Switch
Ugly face but I am actually super excited!!
Can I say I love the 1 hour activation time?
What a difference!
12 hours was soooo long.
I mean it seemed so long,
you know,
like that 30 minutes on the treadmill, Precor, or StairMaster.
It's nice too that only 2 sensors a month are needed.

Ouch Libre Bite

Now I only have 2 sensor bite marks a month to deal with.
OUCH! Libre Bite

Have a great numbers day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Doctor Approved 14 Day Libre Sensors!

New Doctor Approved 14 Day Libre Sensors!
14 Day Libre Sensor and Reader

I Got the 14 Day Sensors!

I finally have the 14 day sensors and reader.
I am on the final hours on my final 10 day sensor.
While traveling and then moving my Dr appointment fell to the side.
My insurance ended in my old state and started in my new state.
New State
New Doctor
New - well you know - EVERYTHING.
I brought in all my ammo
blood tests -
prescriptions -
graphs of food and glucose numbers from Cronometer -
old sensor and meter.

I was pleasantly surprised.
More on that later
he wrote the prescription,
wrong the first time,
after explaining the system with a little help from Google,
I got the prescriptions!!

Off to Walmart with my GoodRx card.


Yes - that was what I paid for 2 sensors.
Libre, or rather Abbott, sent me a coupon for a free reader.
Yay me!
Yay Free!
Yay $66.13!

In it goes tonight.
Start up in the morning when my old one quits.
More on that later as well!!

Have a great numbers day



Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Changing BG (Blood Glucose) When Breakfast Stays the Same

Changing BG (Blood Glucose) When Breakfast Stays the Same


 I Love My Libre
Today's graph

Here is Today's graph
I have started spiking after breakfast.
The same breakfast I have eaten without spiking for almost a year.


I know!
What is different?
What changed?
There isn't an easy way for me right now to figure out what is different.
Sam+sung gear tracks my workouts and steps.
It also tracks sleep, food and blood glucose.
That would work but the food information is very basic
Well they have to be downloaded to my phone
emailed to me so I can open on my laptop
open each report in Excel to move data around so it makes sense
combine the sheets into one report and sort by time
so the information has a "flow" that makes sense.

and the worst part?
The information doesn't have everything I need.

SO now what?


I am trying a program I tried before.
My Gear Fit will not sync to it but I can put in workouts manually
here are the parts I love -
MICROS and macros
Lots of Biometrics (glucose, weight, + 19 more options)
Time stamp
reports that are easily modified
making the final report very useful.

I can't wait for the first week to see if I stay in LOVE
or not!!

I did sign up for Gold

Here I go!!

Have a great numbers day!


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

No Soda Challenge Ending

No Soda Challenge Ending

I missed you

oh how I missed you

Diet Dr Pepper is back
I tried.
I really tried.
I drank water, flavored water, water with fruit
sparking water with flavors or fruit.
(sorry La Croix, gag reflex upon the first sip. NEVER again)
I drank tea, which I do love, but can only drink so much of.
I drank coffee (at least my doctored up version).
The goal was to get rid of as much artificial sweetener as possible.
And artificial other stuff.
I never found a satisfying solution.
Although I wasn't thirsty, I missed my one-a-day habit.
Okay, two-a-day habit when anxiety kicks in, or lots to do, or just because.

Moving Hiccups

I was moving, or rather trying to move.
Bought a house but couldn't move in until almost 2 months later.
Totally crazy time trying to get things going and stress levels were high.
My stress level was insanely high. How high? HIGH
I was driving all over.
I seemed to always be in the wrong state at the wrong time.
Or what I needed was in the wrong state or wrong place.
Or in storage where I had to go many times at night
forcing me to using my car headlights to see.
I was home though for holiday parties with my family and friends.
I was home when my granddaughter was born.
I was home when my mom had to travel back east
making it possible for me to help with my dad.
Just a bit more stress than usual. LOL!

My Crutch

Diet Dr Pepper, I guess, is my crutch.
I enjoy the flavor, the bubbles, and the mental happiness that one can gives me.
During this crazy time of holiday madness with moving insanity
adding in a pinch of newborn baby,
I have to say sitting down with a can of Diet DP
was all the medicine I needed to calm my frazzled
"What the h*ll am I doing" nerves.

It Is What It Is

I'm back to my *normal* one a day Diet DP habit.
I am okay with that.
As far as vices go, this would be probably my biggest and worst.
I have an occasional drink, often going weeks without one.
I don't smoke.
I watch what I eat.
I take my medicine and test my glucose #'s very frequently.
I exercise with cardio and weights.
I am accepting,  actually kind of embracing, my love for Diet DP.
How about you?
Any so called bad habit that you just aren't ready to give up?
What are the pros and cons?

Have a great numbers day!!