Friday, December 6, 2019

Scare Tactics

Scare Tactics

I read an article where a person, newly diagnosed,
was shown pictures of what can happen when diabetes goes unchecked
Eye surgeries
You know
All that stuff we are warned about.
Probably not the most encouraging way to start your journey.

Scare vs Fear vs Awareness


I am well aware of the complications.
My dad just had a toe amputated.
Surgery at 86 years old is scary enough
now there is a big boot
to go with leg braces,
special shoes,
and a walker.
He has quite a few complications from uncontrolled diabetes.
Crazy thing is, he was diagnosed about 10 year ago!
I am well aware.
I also have fear.
It is actually the fear that keeps me motivated.
I am okay right now
complications are progressive.
The damage builds up until we finally feel the tingle of neuropathy.
Or have a heart issue.
I love my dad and it makes me sad he struggles so much at this time in his life.
I don't want those struggles.
I would prefer to be my mom
Energizer Bunny!!
So I am careful.
I test.
I try to eat right.
All while keeping my dad's struggles in my mind.
To avoid the same fate the best I can.
What motivates you?
Were you given the "scared straight" diabetes stories?
Have a great numbers day!!

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