Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Beware the ALL or NOTHING Attitude

Beware the All Or Nothing Attitude


"Watch" Out

Like my little pun?
We all keep track of time, sometimes.
But this isn't about our ability to
lose track of time,
especially when surfing the Internet.
This is about
we don't have the time to
Input food to a program
Meal plan
All because we don't have an hour or three.


"I can't work out! I have to change, drive to the gym
AND that's before working out!
After working out, I have to shower, change, drive home....."
Well guess what.
Take a 5 minute walk.
Get outside and sweep the front walk.
Hula Hoop with the kids.
5 minutes is better than ZERO.

"I don't have time to write!  I have to find my notebook.
I don't have fancy stationary to write that letter.
Where is that pen? It's too noisy."
Find that notebook and put it by your bed.
Tonight, write the best thing about the day.
Jot a note to a friend - they won't care you wrote it on notebook paper.
They will be happy to hear from you!
1 minute - 1 card is better than ZERO.

"Logging food takes so much time! And I can't even remember what I ate today"
Use your phone!
Try Chronometer or easy to use program.
Even if you only log on the weekends
When you eat something unusual.
1 meal or 1 day is better than ZERO.

"Meal plan? Are you kidding? I am lucky I eat.
And grocery shopping is a disaster!"
Do you eat the same breakfast like me?
I rotate between 3 different breakfasts
While I eat breakfast, since it is automated,
I think about lunch and dinner.
Planning one or two meals is better than ZERO.

What do you not do because you don't have time to complete what you consider to be the


Beware of the ALL or NOTHING

Believe it or not -
SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING
And occasionally that something is better.
I missed my morning work out
so later that evening we went on a walk.
The walk allowed for a talk.
The talk allowed for a serious discussion while enjoying a beautiful view
(which I think actually helped us be creative in finding a solution!)

Don't allow the ALL OR NOTHING attitude

stop you from doing at least a few minutes.

Remind yourself that any number is better than Zero
use whatever makes it easy and convenient

Do you have an All or Nothing attitude that trips you up on occasion?
Let us know!

Have a great numbers day,



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