Monday, September 23, 2019

A Whole New World

A Whole New World

5:15AM Alarm

Those who have children or love Disney will recognize the title as part of Aladdin.
I feel like I have a whole new world in front of me.


So I went from "on sabbatical"
To a full-time job.
That's right.
8 AM - 5 PM
Monday through Friday
Which wasn't exactly what I wanted
The offer I got was good enough for me to say "YES"


Why oh why does health care coverage cost soooo much?
That complaint is rampant and too much for this post
But I know I am not the only one who can, yet can't, afford the over $700 a month premium.
I digress!!!

A 3 year old and daycare
I am now in charge of my grandson.
Temporary situation that has stretched out longer than anticipated.
He needs interaction other than the 2 older people he now lives with.
I needed him to get social interaction.
I needed him to get dirty and play with other kids.
Daycare is expensive.

A new car.
Said 3 year needs a car seat.
Said 3 year old needs help with buckles and snaps.
Grandma's 2 door car requires bending and lifting in a backbreaking way.
New 4 door cars aren't cheap.

So there is my new world.
3 year old
8-5 which really means 5am wake up to 6pm getting home time
Bath for him, shower for me.
Then - basically bed
Yes for him AND me.

I am so grateful for my Libre.
The scan and see technology has made this crazy lady's life so much easier.
I haven't logged food.
I stick to the tried and true
There are those moments of temptation
Like the Friday Pizza Lunch for ALL
Donut morning.
Or the missed lunch due to deadlines and payroll crisis.

A whole new world.

What's new in your world??

Have a great numbers day!!

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