Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Get This CGM Off Me!

Get This CGM Off Me!

Removal Mark From Libre Sensor

Forcing a Sensor Off and The Mark Left Behind

My sensors stick.
I might have a bit of lifting but usually when it runs out anyway.
How can I get the sensor off without
or resorting to physical abuse?
There are adhesive removers 
I didn't really want to spend money if there was something I could use
that was in my pantry or makeup box.
Baby oil to cooking oil.


Baby oil it is.
What a difference a dab of oil and 15 minutes made.
My new go to when removing  sensor.
in like 14 days lol!

What do you use when it is time to change a sensor/pump/anything stuck to your skin?

Have a great numbers day!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Same Meal, Different Blood Glucose Number? Eat Your Carb Last

Same Meal, Different Blood Glucose Number?

Eat Your Carb Last


Can Changing the Order of Your Food Help Your BG Number?

It seems, according to this small study, that changing HOW you eat your meal can change your BG number.
Say What???

The test included the same meal for 3 different days
The eating order:
1.  Carbohydrate, 10 minutes later protein and vegetable.
2.  Protein and vegetable, followed 10 minutes later with the carbohydrate.
3.  All three together.


#2.  Glucose was 53% lower
#3. Glucose was 44% lower
Now - this was for the first 30 and 60 minutes after the meal.
After that, the #1 order had lower numbers at the 120, 150, and 180 mark.
Seems the bread caused a big spike in glucose which caused an insulin release creating a low.
So eating the bread first causes a spike and a low.
Eating your protein and fibrous salad/vegetables slows everything down helping to keep glucose numbers even.
OK, maybe not even as in a flat line but less of a big spike with a big drop.
The treacherous high/low that can get us into trouble.

Dinner Time

I think I may try that tonight.
We are having chicken, salad and either pasta (which I eat about 4 noodles) or 1/2 a small potato.
I think I will eat in the order I just wrote this.
See what the numbers do.
I might even try this with breakfast.
Seems I've started to get higher numbers with the exact same breakfast.
Exact same, for months and months.
Maybe I'll switch the order and see what happens.

Guinea pig time!!

How do you eat your meals?
Do you have a set order (me)?
Or do you take a bite of this and a bite of that (aka my BF)?

Eat and test and let's see what happens!

Have a great numbers day!



Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Crazy Week = Crazy Glucose Numbers? Not This Time!

Crazy Week = Crazy Glucose Numbers? Not This Time!


My Planner

Oh Crap!

Had a crazy week of traveling with no schedule.
It was crazy, yes, a totally crazy week.
Have you had those weeks?
No place or time to exercise.
Fast food, dining out, eating on the run.
In a motel.
SO much to do with not enough time.

I had a house I needed to get ready to sell.
Inside needed a make over.
Outside needed TLC.
I planned a week.
I needed a month.
So every morning I woke up at a motel.
One that served a breakfast of make your own waffles with toppings.
Bagels, English muffins, toast, pastries.
Fruit juice, apples, bananas.
I passed all of that up and headed to the egg omelets.
Sprinkled grated cheddar cheese on top.
Grabbed a small serving of a raisin bran type cereal tossing the raisins in the trash.
As I ran out the door I grabbed a small green apple and 2 tubs of peanut butter.

We hit the ground running.
Moving furniture, washer, dryer and refrigerator.
Scrubbing, cleaning, scraping, washing, mopping, wiping.
Clipping, sweeping, scooping, chopping.
Hauling and dumping.

Average 7300 Steps

I workout every morning on a Precor and aim for at least 6000 steps a day.
I try to do weight lifting or resistance 3x a week.
Not this week!!
In spite of no Precor or attempted exercise routines
I managed to average 7300 steps for the week.
An my muscles screamed every night for a bit of R&R.
My head hit the pillow and I was asleep.
I slept! Hard.

Adjustments Based on Knowledge

The first day I went low.
I ate a fairly low carb breakfast
I worked, hard
And felt a low coming.
Thankfully I had grabbed the apple and peanut butter.
I planned a higher than usual carb lunch to prepare for a hard afternoon and it paid off.
I also got a small lunch to go and used that as a snack when I needed it.
Dinner was lighter carb and just plain lighter because we ended up eating late.
The next morning I made an egg sandwich with a small muffin.
I grabbed 2 apples and peanut butter.
I was trying to be prepared for a day that was a free for all!

Better Numbers Than I Hoped For

I have been eating, testing, working out, testing, eating, testing, drinking, testing
Ever since I was diagnosed and long before any meds were prescribed.
I have a pretty good idea of foods not to eat (spikes with following lows)
What to eat when I am going to be active.
It was a challenge and I wasn't perfect (who is??!!)
I did much better than I thought.
I didn't log food into my program.
I didn't complete my regularly scheduled workouts.
I didn't go to bed on time and got up earlier.

I managed to keep my BG numbers in a fairly tight range by doing what I know works.
It usually worked!
Yes, there was a time or two where I thought what I was doing was more of a workout
And Oops!
Went a bit high, but not so high where I panicked. 

How do you. plan for a day where anything could happen?
Do you have a go to food list in your mind that you know you are safe with?
Do you have those "carby" snacks that get your number back up?
What are your tricks when life throws you a curveball?

Have a great numbers day!



Monday, February 4, 2019

Activating and Removing 14 Day Libre Sensors

Activating and Removing 14 Day Libre Sensors

It seems like yesterday I got the new 14 day Libre Sensors.
Yet here it is,
time to activate the 2nd sensor and remove the first one.

So far I haven't had any issues with the new sensor.
It didn't itch.
It didn't come off.
It didn't peel or lift from the adhesive.
No error messages on the reader.
Reader uploaded to LibreView with new driver download.

The new sensor has been in place for about 20 hours.
Hopefully my body and the new filament have decided to play nice.
I scan the last scan on the old sensor
scan the new sensor.
60 minutes and the new sensor will be ready.


Hope this video helps if you are new to the Libre.

Have a great numbers day!


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Installating a 14 Day Libre Sensor

Installing a 14 Day Libre Sensor







Getting the Libre Sensor On Your Site

Whatever you want to call it,
here is a quick video of me
getting that sensor on my arm!

12 Hour Resting Tine

(before activating)
My old 14 day sensor will end tomorrow morning around 8.
I like to attach my new sensors 12-24 hours prior to activating.
This allows my body to adjust to the foreign body I deliberately placed in it.
Joe Short, an administrator on the
USA users - Abbott FreeStyle Libre Facebook page,
has posted that on average
the error rate is 50% higher in the day following insertion.
This does vary from person to person.
Personally, I find my reading are better if I give the sensor
-and my body-
some resting time after installing.
Hope you enjoy the video!
See you tomorrow for activating the new and removing the old!
Have a great numbers day,