Thursday, October 31, 2019

What is Disordered Eating?


What should I eat today?

Psychology Today 2014

Disordered Eating or Eating Disorder


This may be an older article but worth paying attention to.

Do you see posts and articles about keto?
Low Carb High Fat?
Or how cinnamon is the answer?
Barbering, the new turmeric?
New cookbooks designed for diabetics?
What about those black bean brownies?
Cauliflower turned into rice/potato/tortillas/pizza crust.
We are bombarded with what to eat.
What not to eat.
When to eat.
Even what order to eat in.
I realized we can become obsessive about food.
While watching what we eat,
Watching our numbers,
Working out,
And adopting healthy lifestyles
are wonderful and good things to do

Signs of Disordered Eating

So we know about binge eating, purging, diet pills and laxatives.
Not good stuff

Excessive or rigid exercise,
Obsessive calorie counting,
Anxiety about certain foods or food groups,
Refusals to eat out
Are things to look out for.
These can all be signs of disordered eating.
Something to think about is the degree of the behavior.
Does it interfere with other areas of your life?
Is food, exercise and numbers all you think about?
Do you have anxiety when thinking about food?
Have you quit socializing?
Does a party or BBQ cause distress?

Things to Remember

Watch fad or crash diets.
Find enjoyable exercise.
Give yourself grace
Talk to someone if you feel diabetes management is taking over.
Yes it is constant
Yes it is always there
Yes we need to know what is going on with our numbers
If managing your diabetes is causing stress or over the top behaviors,
Talk to someone!
We need to take care of ourselves
not just
Mentally too!!
Have a great numbers day!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Caffeine: Coffee and Soda

Diabetes and Caffeine

Love your coffee?
Or tea?
Or soda (diet or otherwise)?
Anything with caffeine??
Well Used Coffee Cup

You can see my travel mug is well worn.
Used everyday.
Travels to work Monday through Friday, full.
Although I wasn't a coffee drinker for a VERY long time
(can you say YUCK!)
I have developed a taste for a sort-of-coffee blend.
My own sugar free blend.
The large button on the coffee machine
2 T of cocoa
Splash of sweet cream sugar free creamer
Almond milk
1 t Splenda
Or extra creamer.....

Anyway, this isn't really about coffee.

It's about CAFFEINE!

Yes, Caffeine affects diabetics a bit differently than those normal people out there.
Who would have thought?  (Add your own sarcastic voice here)
But yes,
Caffeine interferes with our ability to keep glucose in check in quite a few ways.
If you want more details check out this website:

If you aren't into the science and details, just know,
Caffeine from coffee, tea, chocolate and soda
can make a difference in your numbers.
This is a true test it and see game -
Time of day
Type of drink
Food or no food
Can/might/could make a small and/or large difference.

We all know diabetes is an individual thing
So check it out and see!!

How does caffeine affect you?
I'm going to try to skip a day and see what happens.
Not today though,
It's a MONDAY!!


Have a great numbers day!



Thursday, October 10, 2019

Success in My New World



Thank you diabetes daily


Diabetes Daily

This week has been a bit tough.
Things are changing, again.
The unknown looms large
While the known isn't exactly what I wanted.
The known is from different perspectives.
Perspective changes a story.
We can all experience the same thing
Yet -
We will interpret the experience in our own way.
Tough weeks make controlling my numbers tough as well.
I don't eat.
OR I eat crap.
Yesterday I wasn't very successful at my number control.
My emotions took over.

Morning Jolt

I am NOT talking about my coffee here!!
But an email.
An email I almost deleted.
But as fate, karma, a hunch, whatever you call it, would have it
I opened an email from Diabetes Daily.
This quote was towards the bottom.
As I was struggling through the continuing emotions of
Stupid mistakes from yesterday
This quote reminded me that everyday is new
Today is a new day
Today I can make different decisions in what I eat
Today I can be aware of this roller coaster
I may, in fact, probably won't, make any life changing decisions today
I can make healthy decisions
I can keep moving forward
I can keep gathering information
taking the stories and perceptions into account 
Small actions today that will hopefully spell success in the future
Even if I make mistakes along the way
I am moving forward 
I am taking action
Preparing for what may come next
What actions are you taking to be successful?
Are there small changes or big changes ahead?
Small actions add up,
Keep moving!!
Have a great numbers day!