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What is Disordered Eating?


What should I eat today?

Psychology Today 2014

Disordered Eating or Eating Disorder


This may be an older article but worth paying attention to.

Do you see posts and articles about keto?
Low Carb High Fat?
Or how cinnamon is the answer?
Barbering, the new turmeric?
New cookbooks designed for diabetics?
What about those black bean brownies?
Cauliflower turned into rice/potato/tortillas/pizza crust.
We are bombarded with what to eat.
What not to eat.
When to eat.
Even what order to eat in.
I realized we can become obsessive about food.
While watching what we eat,
Watching our numbers,
Working out,
And adopting healthy lifestyles
are wonderful and good things to do

Signs of Disordered Eating

So we know about binge eating, purging, diet pills and laxatives.
Not good stuff

Excessive or rigid exercise,
Obsessive calorie counting,
Anxiety about certain foods or food groups,
Refusals to eat out
Are things to look out for.
These can all be signs of disordered eating.
Something to think about is the degree of the behavior.
Does it interfere with other areas of your life?
Is food, exercise and numbers all you think about?
Do you have anxiety when thinking about food?
Have you quit socializing?
Does a party or BBQ cause distress?

Things to Remember

Watch fad or crash diets.
Find enjoyable exercise.
Give yourself grace
Talk to someone if you feel diabetes management is taking over.
Yes it is constant
Yes it is always there
Yes we need to know what is going on with our numbers
If managing your diabetes is causing stress or over the top behaviors,
Talk to someone!
We need to take care of ourselves
not just
Mentally too!!
Have a great numbers day!

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