Monday, November 28, 2016

SHealth and Reports

I definitely need to get better at logging everything, and I mean everything, into my phone app called SHealth.  Samsung has the app on my phone and I have grown used to using it for food, exercise and glucose numbers. Still, I don't always log everything every day. Today I got a weekly report in the app and so I sent it to my email. WOW!  I didn't log on Tuesday, at all but the information was useful as I could see my high glucose numbers and averages. I think if I was more consistent I would find the information even more useful. I need incentives and maybe this will help!  I did send SHealth a message asking to make the numbers all mg/dL instead of part of it mmol/L which I have to convert.

Hoping SHealth keeps improving. What is your favorite program or are they all too much of a pain and add even more to think about??

Friday, November 25, 2016

DON'T Make Cookies You Like Part 2

Dinner time - cookie bags still on the kitchen counter. Check out DON'T Make Cookies You Like Part 1 blog Maybe next time I should put them in the pantry right away but now it's too late. I plan dinner around having a cookie. A medium sized one. When you want to keep your numbers in the range that has been decided on, eating becomes a game of strategy. I don't want to lose the game tonight so I make scrambled eggs with cheese on tortillas which makes the carb count 20 grams.

Add medium size cookie and I hit about 33 g of carbs
I only ate 1!! Honest!

Dinner at 7:08 pm.
Started at 95 mg/dL, 40 minutes later (7:47 pm) at 112 mg/dL, one hour 46 minutes later (8:56 pm) at 126 mg/dL, and finally , 3 hours later, (10 pm) I am 112 mg/dL.  Good enough, I am going to bed!

Monday, November 21, 2016

DON'T Make Cookies You Like Part 1

Today was a bit of a tough day. I made cookies last night. Chocolate chip cookies which I don't really care for BUT I added pecans at the request of my BF. Lots of pecans with a pecan half on the top. 
I love pecans. Now I love the cookies.

Still, I should have been okay. The deal was: I make the cookies Friday night and Saturday morning, bright and early, he puts the cookies in the cooler to share with his buddies while fishing (along with all the other food). I woke up, went in the kitchen and found 2 bags still on the kitchen counter. WHAT?? NNNOOOOOO screams the adult in me. YYYEESSSSSSSS yells back my inner child who doesn't worry about glucose numbers and loves pecans too. 
I made it to 4 pm. I checked and my number was 94 mg/dL so I ate, or should I say nibbled and savored, the smallest cookie.
44 minutes later - 119 mg/dL
one hour and fifteen minutes - 129 mg/dL
one hour and 53 minutes later - 132 mg/dL
3 hours later - 95 mg/dL

One cookie. I am so glad I took my time and enjoyed the flavor and chewiness of  my one cookie.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Waterfall Hike and a Box of Raisinettes

Today started out sunny with the nasty weather to blow in later during the day. I decided to take advantage of the window of opportunity in front of me and loaded up my backpack with 2 water bottles and a large, movie size box of dark chocolate Raisinets.  Oh, I also packed pecans. And pumpkin seeds. The Raisinets made me the happiest as they sat beside my Diet Dr Pepper.  Off we went to the trailhead and I started the hike up the hillside to the waterfall that was about 3 miles away.  My lemon water kept me hydrated but about halfway up the hill I decided I could start munching on Raisinets.  I got one comment from a man coming down the trail about my choice of snack and how he needed to remember to pack something good next time.  His friend just laughed.  I was only going to eat half and save half for the way down but somehow I ate the entire box. 62g carbs of which 54g are sugar.  I still had about 1/2 a mile to go when I finished the box so I was hoping I would be okay. I got to the top and tested at 95 mg/dL.  OH YEAH!!  I snapped a selfie with my snack choice - sorry the box is upside down - and got a new comment from the gentleman sitting on a log. "Those are the best. I tell myself everytime I eat them that they contain two good-for-me ingredients:raisins and dark chocolate."  We laughed and I went on my way. 

This hike was awesome for so many reasons:
I reached 17319 steps today
Round trip, I walked about 6 miles
I met two other women walking the trail on their own, just like me
I ate Raisinets and didn't spike
Exercise, as in the hike, was fun 
I am tired tonight
It is snowing right now and I am home
I don't like snow and I got to hike one more time
I ate Raisinets, the entire box, one Raisinet at a time:
Except at the end when I ate the tiny ones all at once
Perfect day, all the way.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and 1/2 Serving

I LOVE cereal - not every cereal - but I love Cheerios. And Shredded Wheat. I have given up cereal due to the carb counts but thought I would try Pumpkin Spice Cheerios.

Here we go!

I started out at 109 mg/dL after working out and it was 7:50am.  I ate this breakfast using unsweetened almond milk.  After I ate I showered, dressed and got ready for work. This involves standing up and walking around.  It isn't like I went back to bed or sat around. At 8:44 am I was at 160  mg/dL. Oh man.... That kind of sucks as I don't want to be over 150 mg/dL. Ever. Even for a short time. BTW, they taste pretty good. Of course. And I would want to eat 2 servings. Not one. Got to be grateful I can eat half a serving and be okay..  LOL!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Granny Smith Apple Part 2

After eating one small apple and spiking a bit, I decided I would try making dessert instead.

Hopefully adding nuts and butter, as in fat, will slow down the carb absorption.  I made up my own recipe with 2 apples, oatmeal, pecans, cinnamon, and butter.  My BF got a bit of brown sugar in his.  The pictures show the nutrition information, and each stage of the creation process.  I baked it for 45 min at 350 degrees F.  I splashed a bit of sugar free creamer and added whipped cream.                                                                                     

 I tested at 125 mg/dL before I ate it. A bit high, I know but hoping the 16 carbs won't spike my number too bad.  Good thing whipped cream isn't sugary!!  WOW, 108?  I wonder if that walk after dinner is still helping.  Amazing!  I'm keeping the recipe and testing it out again another day just to make sure because we all know that just a few changes to what we do, or don't do, can affect our numbers. Eat and test. Exercise and test. Test and retest. Just another day!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Granny Apple Test Part 1

I haven't had an apple in quite a while. When I saw the small granny smith apples on sale I stopped to take a look. I am not an apple lover, especially the tasteless mushy ones. I like tart and crispy. The apples in the bin looked like they might work so I grabbed the 3 smallest ones I could find.

Started out at 94 mg/dL.  Waiting my 30 minutes. Oh and the carb count on a small granny smith apple is 20 g with 4 g fiber and 14 g sugar.
Waiting.......waiting.................waiting........ Oops 42 minutes
and I am at..... 164 mg/dL
I was sitting at my desk so now I am getting up to file and put things away and go home. Guess I'll test when I get there. 
Got home after stopping at post office and putting fuel in my car. 90 mg/dL
I feel better but apples, eaten alone are off the list of okay foods!