Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Learn to Find Joy and Have Better Health

Learn to Find Joy and Have Better Health

Finding Joy

Did You Know JOY is Learned??

I did not.
There are 8 things you can do  to learn JOY according to
an article in Health Psychology.
Thing is,
I couldn't find the article online!
NPR published this:

Here's a quick summary of the eight techniques used in Moskowitz' study:
  1. Take a moment to identify one positive event each day.
  2. Tell someone about the positive event or share it on social media. This can help you savor the moment a little longer.
  3. Start a daily gratitude journal. Aim to find little things you're grateful for, such as a good cup of coffee, a pretty sunrise or nice weather.
  4. Identify a personal strength and reflect on how you've used this strength today or in recent weeks.
  5. Set a daily goal and track your progress. "This is based on research that shows when we feel progress towards a goal, we have more positive emotions," Moskowitz says. The goal should not be too lofty. You want to be able to perceive progress.
  6. Try to practice "positive reappraisal": Identify an event or daily activity that is a hassle. Then, try to reframe the event in a more positive light. Example: If you're stuck in traffic, try to savor the quiet time. If you practice this enough, it can start to become a habit.
  7. Do something nice for someone else each day. These daily acts of kindness can be as simple as giving someone a smile or giving up your seat on a crowded train. Research shows we feel better when we're kind to others.
  8. Practice mindfulness by paying attention to the present moment. You can also try a 10-minute breathing exercise that uses a focus on breathing to help calm the mind.

Want Another Reason to Learn JOY?

It seems Dr. Moskowitz did another study with others
Check this out if you need some heavy reading -
Here is what I got from the article:
Distress causes problems and impacts behavior and outcome.
Optimism, positive affect, self-efficacy, and gratitude,
all considered well-being constructs,
are associated with superior health outcomes
better glucose control, motivation for self-care, and lower mortality.
stress, anxiety and depression.
I say WIN WIN!
We know diabetes changes our lives.
Diabetes invades our thoughts, constantly.
Diet, exercise, medications, monitoring glucose.
All requiring constant attention.
While we have to think about these things
try to think about what is good in your life.
Focus on right now.
Focus on the good.
Try the 8 steps listed about and let me know if see or feel a difference.
Today I am grateful for the chance to write this blog.
Today I am grateful for the 10 minutes of lifting weights.
Today I am grateful for the fact my grandson is now (mostly) potty-trained.
Right now, I am grateful for yummy avocado toast because I am hungry.
Have a great numbers days!

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