Monday, May 20, 2019

So Hard to Say NO

So Hard to Say NO

Ways to say NO

I Have a Hard Time Saying No

So little time!
So much to do!
I thought being
on sabbatical,
laid off,
lacking work,
on a retreat,
or whatever you call it when not formally employed,
I would have all the time I wanted
to do everything I put off while raising a family
working more than full-time.


Seems I am just as busy as ever.
How do I say no?
I realized as I was looking at ways to say NO
that I needed to decide what I wanted to do.
I needed to decide my YES.
We all have the HAVE TO DO's.
Work. Laundry. Food shopping and prep. Cleaning.
Where do I want to SPEND my TIME?
What is truly important to me?
They say to find out what is important to someone just looked at
where they SPEND their
time and money! 
Without knowing where I wanted to spend my time (and money),
then I allow others to make that decision for me.
Uhhhhh, no.
Time to decide what I REALLY want to do
as well as
is this the right time to do it.

Diabetic Care

I have decided to make this a priority.
Watching carbs.
Finding good foods I like.
Exercise, like walking and weights.
Using a program to monitor my food and glucose numbers.
Giving myself time,
by saying no to things others want me to do
I say YES to things I need to do for me.
Things like:
Log food
Meal plan
Practice pickle ball
Call my mom and dad
Set a better routine
Free time for whatever comes my way


saying no to stuff that isn't top priority to you
gives you time (and sometimes money)
to say YES to you and what matters the most in YOUR life.
What are the priorities in YOUR LIFE?
Have a great numbers day!

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