Monday, August 19, 2019

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy! Periodontitis Alert

Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Periodontitis Alert


Need another reason to keep your blood glucose levels down?

How about your teeth and gum health?
Want to keep your teeth?
Crazy thing -
 Periodontal disease
(a fancy name for mouth disease)
is considered the sixth leading complication of diabetes.

But Guess What??

Gum disease may raise blood glucose levels in those WITHOUT diabetes.
So if you have diabetes
gum disease
DOUBLE whammy
even TRIPLE whammy.

Why You Ask?

High glucose allows bacteria in the mouth to grow
Irritating the gums and causing inflammation
which triggers an entire body inflammatory response
which  raises blood sugar
which allows bacteria to grow in the mouth
Which causes irritation to the gums
We are back to the beginning of a circle
that makes BOTH conditions worse!

Tips and Tricks

Try to keep blood sugar levels in a healthy range
Brush your teeth 2x a day with a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste
Get a periodontal evaluation every year
Let your dentist know you have diabetes
Let your doctor know if you have periodontal disease
Stop smoking
Reduce stress
Eat right - lean protein, whole grains, vegetables

Warning Signs

Bad breath
Mouth sores
Loose or separating teeth
Red, swollen, tender gums
Bleeding when flossing or brushing
Mouth pain
Receding gums
Make an appointment if you experience these symptoms.

Let's keep our terrific smiles!!

Have a great numbers day!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Is Time In Range?

What is Time in Range?


Time in Target Range

Daily Pattern

Know YOUR Range

Experts recommend your glucose number should be between 70-180 mg/dl
for at least  70% of the day.
This range is different for every person.
Are you Type 1?
Type 1.5?
Type 2?
Are you on medication?
What is your diet and activity levels like?
Personal questions only you can answer.
While we like to avoid the high numbers,
avoiding lows is just as important.
I am for 70-130mg/dl.
I have read where the 150 mg/dl is the "damage" occurring number.
SO, I try to stay under that number
when I do, on occasion, hit those higher numbers
I try to lower the number quickly.
I review my Libra reports,
like the ones above to see how I'm doing.
Lately, with a 3 year old
a new full-time job
I haven't been as
My numbers have been okay!

Your Range

What is your range?
How are you doing staying in that range?
What keeps you in
what kicks you out of that range?
Have a great numbers number day!