Monday, July 2, 2018

New Year Resolutions and Failure

I failed
I didn't keep my New Year's resolutions
??Now what?? 
I wanted to gain 10 pounds:
I haven't gained 10 pounds but 3.
Review & Adjustments:
I haven't completely failed!! I am slowly gaining weight without eating crap and I have added lifting light weights to build up some muscles.  Going to keep it up.
I wanted to enter my food and exercise into a daily program:
That hasn't gone so well.  I occasionally enter food but I usually eat the same things and know how they affect my numbers. Exercise is done with my Samsung Gear and syncs with Samsung Health. Review & Adjustments:
Not a total bust but not a win either.  Need to take the minute and just put the food in since that is usually my downfall.
I wanted to write. 
This has been a total failure as you can tell by the length of time between my blogs. Life - oh life - how it gets complicated and messy.
Review & Adjustments:
 It's okay.  I took care of business, got things done that took priority, and stayed sane. I have to give myself grace like I would advise anyone else whose life got crazy but was able to stay afloat and take care of what needed to be done.
Learn from the past and move forward.  I've recommitted to trying this again.  It's only June and I have lots of the year left to finish what I started.  I've set reminders in my calendar keep my goals front and center. I've blocked out time now that life has given me a bit of space for me.  Moving forward.
Here's to 2018:
May it be filled with blessings