Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Is Time In Range?

What is Time in Range?


Time in Target Range

Daily Pattern

Know YOUR Range

Experts recommend your glucose number should be between 70-180 mg/dl
for at least  70% of the day.
This range is different for every person.
Are you Type 1?
Type 1.5?
Type 2?
Are you on medication?
What is your diet and activity levels like?
Personal questions only you can answer.
While we like to avoid the high numbers,
avoiding lows is just as important.
I am for 70-130mg/dl.
I have read where the 150 mg/dl is the "damage" occurring number.
SO, I try to stay under that number
when I do, on occasion, hit those higher numbers
I try to lower the number quickly.
I review my Libra reports,
like the ones above to see how I'm doing.
Lately, with a 3 year old
a new full-time job
I haven't been as
My numbers have been okay!

Your Range

What is your range?
How are you doing staying in that range?
What keeps you in
what kicks you out of that range?
Have a great numbers number day!

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