Monday, February 27, 2017

Going Home and Defending Myself - Stupid Scale

I have been enjoying winter in southern Nevada where it is warmer than northern Nevada with its cold temperatures and snow. I get outside quite a bit, walking around the town and enjoying the small town ambiance. Often times I will walk to the post office after eating a carb loaded meal like a sandwich or tacos. (You know what I mean, LOL!!)  I still find it hard to eat and I can't blame it all on Metformin, which has reduced my appetite and given me a metallic taste in my mouth. My love of carbs, as in bread (can you say deep deep dish pizza? Soup in a bread bowl, light on the soup? Cinnamon rolls and croissants?), makes it hard to eat. I don't want salad, vegetables, or a huge piece of meat. I'm sure you are getting the idea - I have lost weight.

I get home and see my BF and parents. First comment..... You are getting too skinny!
Ummm, okay. Pretty much always been on the smaller side but I know I am too thin. I am trying. I don't need it pointed out. Would you tell someone they are getting too fat? They are getting too bald? They are getting too old?

I eat but work hard at keeping the glucose numbers down and that limits my options. I work out. I am going to keep trying and maybe the new medicine will help with my glucose numbers while allowing me more flexiblity in what I eat.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Which Medicine? Januvia or Tradjenta

I researched. I read Januvia's and Tradjenta's website information. I went through the forums on diabetic websites. I Googled,Tradjenta/?a=s and read up.

Seems my doctor did the same according to his office and he chose Januvia.  I did learn they both come with Metformin. He also decided to not do the Metformin. I am having a hard time eating and have lost weight. What do you think? Have you researched until your head is spinning and you give up because there isn't any great options? Give it a try, right? Off to the pharmacy.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Onglyza and Insurance War

I called Walgreens to see if my new prescription for Onglyza was ready. Nope and the reason why - because insurance says NO. They have a different plan, a plan of their own. They want me to try Januvia or Tradjenta. Onglyza, Januvia and Tradjenta are all DPP-4 inhibitors. Onglyza is the newest one with Januvia and Tradjenta both almost ready to have generic products available. Could that be why I have to try them first? I am speculating but I wonder why, when all 3 are supposed to help you make your own insulin, the insurance company would override my doctors choice of drug. Then again, maybe he picked it because drug rep who stopped in his office gave a great sales pitch. I am so cynical and suspicious! Diabetes is really helping my attitude  😂
List of Approved DPP-4 Inhibitors

Friday, February 17, 2017

New Lab Results

So I got my lab results back and I am not insulin resistant. I just don't make enough insulin when needed so that is why Metformin hasn't really helped lower my nuumbers. Diet and exercise have been how I have changed my A1c to a lower number. Diet and exercise is how I control my daily glucose numbers. I work out on the precor, walk or run almost every morning.  When I eat too many carbs or the "bad" ones, I work out again and drink lots of water. The doctor has decided to switch me to Onglyza. I read up on it and not sure about all the side effects.  I guess it is worth a try but I'm feeling like a lab rat. Here I go! Are you on Onglyza? How did it or how is it working?