Wednesday, September 26, 2018

FreeStyle Libre Sensor Placement

FreeStyle Libre Sensor Placement

Messed Up Again

I wanted to do a test:
attach a sensor early, without activating, to see if accuracy improved
especially at the beginning.
I attached the new sensor which promptly bled.
Although the sensor has worked fine
I made a mistake - one I have made before:
2 Libre Sensors

I attached the new sensor inside the "fold" so I wouldn't
scan it when I scanned the old one that I still had time on.
It wasn't enough and now at 4 days
the sensor is pulling away from the adhesive:
Libre Sensor Pulling Away


I did this before
Placed the sensor where the disc was on a fold
The disc pulled away and this one is now coming loose.

Ow!  Inside of Arm Hurts.

Inside the Fold of My Arm

This placement was a little more inside but I was trying to stay away from the fold.
You know, the fold when you raise your hand up to wave, or high five.
I won't put the sensor in this area again.
When I sleep on my side I feel the sensor between my arm and side.
At times I feel a pinch
There is a soreness down my arm by the fold
the same fold where the sensor is pulling away from the adhesive.
The adhesive is still stuck to my arm though  - LOL!
Something new everyday and I will stick to the outside of my arm!

Have a great numbers day,


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup Part Two

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup Part Two


Test Complete, I think

So today the Libre started working after the 12 hour start up.
Here is my observation:
The initial scans were higher than the usual initial scans.
I try to attach and start the 12 hour startup before I go to bed.
I wake up to a ready to go for 10 days sensor.
Usually the initial scans are low, as in check your blood low.
Below the 70  

August 29 after 12 Hour Startup

September 9th after 12 Hour Startup

As the graphs show, the last 2 sensors tended to show low numbers in the morning
after the 12 hour activation.

Here is todays graph:

Today my Graph looks like this

No lows
No red line on the graph.

Next startup I am going to try this again!

Have a great numbers day!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup

I read where people attach, but not activate, their Freestyle Libre early.
Supposedly this helps the calibration to be more accurate.
I wanted to try last time but had blood come through the center of the new sensor.
Now it's time for a sensor change.
I have 12 hours left on the old sensor so this morning I attached a new sensor.
Freestyle Libres Old and New

Freestyle Libres One Old and One New

Now I wait

I will keep flashing the old sensor for the remaining 12 hours.
Going to let the new sensor just chill, hopefully hanging out
with my interstitial fluid for 24 hours before using will make the
readings more accurate the first day.
(That's 12 hours early plus the 12 hour startup)
I normally attach the new sensor at night and activate it at the same time.
The activation happens while I sleep and I can start flashing when I wake up.
Night times I generally am low so I don't worry about not having my numbers.

The First 12 Hours

It seems after the initial activation my numbers read low for a few hours or so.
I want to see if attaching, but not activating, makes a difference when I first start flashing.
Only 24 hours until I see if this helps!

Have a great numbers day!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Libre Sensor and Blood Part Two

Libre Sensor and Blood

Part One

I have a bleeder!
New Libre Sensor with Blood
I haven't had this happen before.
I wanted to attach a new sensor early to see if it would help with accuracy.
Blood! Yikes!
I got on line and found out varying results

Part Two

I removed the old sensor - leaving 2 hours on the table.
I activated the new sensor and started the 12 hour countdown.
In the morning, I scanned the sensor.
Oh man - seemed like the sensor wasn't very accurate
we were traveling and I packed my test strips and meters.
They were somewhere, somewhere in a motorhome full of random storage.
I decided to let the sensor try to work while I searched for the meter.


I found my meter!
3:08pm  Libre VS Meter

3:44PM Libre VS Meter

Ok so not exact but from what I read the Libre and a blood glucose meter will not match.
The explanation coming in a new blog
But it seems this is close enough.

I pulled reports including days before and after the sensor that blood had come out of the center.
Seems the sensor worked like the others:
taking a little more time:

Libre Graph Before and After New Sensor


Libre Graph After New Sensor

So it seems to be working just fine!!
I get to save a few bucks 

Have a great numbers day!



Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Libre Sensor and Blood Part One

Libre Sensor and Blood

Part One

A Test Gone Wrong

A Bleeder

I wanted to test something posted on a forum:
Attach your next sensor earlier, without activating, to increase accuracy.
I attached the new one which promptly bled.
Never had that happen before!


I went online and found different results when blood comes out the sensor hole
1 - it works
2 - it works with better accuracy
3 it doesn't work at all after the 12 hour start up

Well that didn't help at all!!


I found different opinions regarding how long to "pre"insert a sensor for greater accuracy.
I have 2 hours left on my old sensor.
It seems in the USA, where the start up is 12 hours, 12-24 hours early is often done.
This is not Libre approved but neither is placement other than the upper arm
people place them in other spots (more on that later)

A New Test

Because it bled, I decided to just take off the old one and start the new one.

Tomorrow we will know if it works......

Have a great numbers day!


Monday, September 10, 2018

My Sensor is Falling Off!

My Sensor is Falling Off!!


My Libre sensor is peeling off.
Sensor Peeling Off

 What I did wrong:

See the bend?  The adhesive is still stuck to my arm but the sensor is peeling.
Since the sensor doesn't bend, placing it where my skin hangs
was not a good idea.
See the hair?  Although the adhesive is still stuck to my skin,
having a hair there can't be good, or hygienic!
 Not sure how it got on the adhesive pad but I now make sure
the prep area when putting the sensor parts together is clean.
I clean my arm - washing with soap, rinsing, and then drying with a clean lint free cloth.
I use both alcohol wipes allowing the skin to naturally dry.

3M Medical Tape

Keeping the Sensor On

I had 3M medical tape in my first aid kit. 
I covered the sensor wondering if the scanner would work.
I used the reader and - YEAH - it worked!
I got on Facebook and found people use
Pimpmydiabetes stickers
Waterproof Bandaid
Self-Adherent Wrap

Some help the adhesive stick better and longer.
Others go over the sensor.

I had to make do with what I had but it's nice to know there are options.
And that I'm not the only one!!

Hope you have a good numbers day!


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Libre Install

Libre Install

Sensor Ready to be Inserted

The sensor pack has a peel off lid and is sterile.
The sensor applicator has a screw off cap with a
dark mark that is aligned with the sensor pack dark line.
Once lined up, press firmly using a hard surface, until it stops

The Filament
The small filament is what measures the interstitial fluid.
Around the filament is the adhesive tape.

Things I wish I knew before applying my first sensor:

Tape 2 quarters to each arm.
This gives you an idea of how a sensor will feel on each side.
Does your purse/backpack/bag strap interfere?
Do you carry a child on a hip?
Are you a side sleeper?
Do you bump into doors or walls?
I found my right arm is a much safer place for placement.
CLEAN the area where you put together the pieces.
Somehow I got a strand of hair on the adhesive.
Not good, or sanitary.
CLEAN your site.
I have dry dry dry skin!
I use lotion, thick creamy long lasting shea butter lotion.
I now wash the area with dish soap (like Dawn)
to remove any and all oil/lotion from my skin.
I use the alcohol pad and let dry.
Same with the second pad.
DO NOT put the sensor on an area that bends or folds.
When the quarters are on your arm look in a mirror:
Lift your arms over your head, act like you are cooking,
running, exercising, doing your daily stuff.
Make sure the sensor is on a consistently flat area.
Use a somewhat fatty area.
I put one up higher, in a meaty/muscle area.
I occasionally felt a pinch - not pain - maybe discomfort?
The lower, fattier area seems better.
Join the Libre Facebook Group
There is one for all users and a USA specific as well as other countries.
I found lots of tips, insurance info and savings, and
other placement sites (although not officially approved).
This is for me
Wear it with pride.
I met a Sensor Sister on a walk when we spotted each others sensors.
Share your experience when other diabetics ask about it.
Answer questions from those who have no clue and use it as a teaching moment.
I got the special scan from TSA my last flight and used the experience
to show and explain the sensor to the agent.
Showed the pharmacist how it worked when picking up the 2nd months supply.
I was embarrassed the first 10 days when I saw people look at my arm.
Hot summer days = tank tops and swim suits.


Go ahead and look. Ask.
Knowledge is to be shared!
Let me know if you have a CGM/FGM.
What do you know now that you wish you knew when fist starting?
Here's to a great numbers day!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

FreeStyle Libre is a FGMS in the CGM World

FreeStyle Libre is a FGMS in the CGM World 

I got it!
I got a prescription for the FreeStyle Libre from my doctor.
I went to the pharmacy and paid my $200 for the sensors and reader.

Here is what I got:

FreeStyle Libre sensor box

FreeStyle Libre Reader
So, after all that research I did not notice until now that the FreeStyle Libre is a
FLASH Glucose Monitoring System. (FGM)
Makes sense after reading up on the CGM's that the Libre is a different kind of
continuous glucose monitoring system.

The Libre FGM Difference

The Libre cannot be used with an insulin pump.
The Libre does not have alarms for highs or lows.
The Libre Reader must be scanned for the glucose number to be displayed.

The FGM and other CGMs

Both take the glucose measurement from interstitial fluid glucose levels in real time.
Both provide patterns.
Both provide data for making decisions.

Why the Libre for Me

I think the Libre will be great for me.
I am not on an insulin pump.
I "feel" weird when high or low.
I am active and want a convenient way to test when out in the wild
I am excited to try the Libre out.
Hope this research helped you like it did me!

Have a great numbers day!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Libre Freestyle Continuous Glucose Monitor

Libre Freestyle Continuous Glucose Monitor

Libre System
Freestyle Libre

I wanted a CGM, continuous glucose monitor.

For me.

Insurance says no coverage because I am type 2, not insulin dependent.

Fine - I will get my own!

Maybe, depending on cost, if you know what I mean.
The search is on!


Here is the third one I checked on:

Freestyle Libre CGM

The Freestyle Libre basic info:

approved for 18+ years old
sharable data
up to 10 day sensor
simple applicator for sensor
no alerts
transmits data wirelessly to display device
computer program for more detailed reports

 I like this one too but I wish it had alerts.

Still the price is much more affordable.

I called Walmart and found out the reader was $79. and a 3 pack of sensors, or one month, was $121.
So the first month is $200 and since the reader lasts one year the monthly cost after that is $121.
That works out to $127.60 a month.

Calling the doctor to see about a prescription.

She said YES.
Picking it up hopefully tomorrow.