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REAL Normal Blood Glucose Numbers

REAL Normal Blood Glucose Numbers

If you wonder what blood glucose looks like for people without diabetes, mean glucose is typically 100 mg/dl or less, which corresponds to an A1C of less than 5.7% (the cutoff for diagnosing prediabetes). The cutoff for diagnosing diabetes is an A1C of 6.5%, corresponding to a mean glucose of roughly 135 mg/dl.

What is “normal” CGM Data in Adults and Kids Without Diabetes?

Dr. Roy Beck of Florida’s Jaeb Center, on behalf of USC’s Dr. Anne Peters, shared continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data for individuals without diabetes. Why did they study this? Good question! This study may well help inform targets for optimal glucose control and needed improvements in diabetes management. Researchers analyzed 10 days of Dexcom G6 CGM data from 153 children (6+ years) and adults with a baseline A1C of 5.1%. The primary findings:
  • Among all study participants, the average blood sugar was 99 mg/dl
  • Time-in-tight-range of 70-140 mg/dl was 97% in this group of people without diabetes
  • Average time in hyperglycemia (blood glucose greater than 140 mg/dl) for the group was 2.1% (just 30 minutes per day)
  • Average time greater than 160 mg/dl was approximately 4 mins/day
  • Time below 60 mg/dl and 54 mg/dl were both negligible

Another Opinion

Dr Bernstein claims 4.2% to 4.6% A1c which translates to an average of 83 mg/dL
He says in this article that he sees complications at 6.5%
BUT NOT at 5%
6.5% is an average of 160 mg/dL

Are "Real" Normal Numbers Achievable?

Yes according to low carb advocates.
Yes according to Dr Bernstein.
But I tried Low Carb High Fat.
Not sustainable and my numbers didn't drop to "real" normal numbers.
Plus my stress level went way up.
Plus my satisfaction with eating went way down.
I didn't enjoy my food or mealtimes.
So now I am trying low carb meaning 75g to 100g net carb
(meaning carb minus fiber = net carb)
not high fat, especially animal.
I eat avocados and nuts which have quite a bit of fat
I need calories from somewhere.
I am limiting my cheese which is SO hard for me.
Food seems to always be a work in progress.
I am hoping Cronometer helps me
More on that later!!

Each of us is different in our diabetes journey
Our bodies are different.
Our temperaments are different.
Our food tolerances, like, dislikes, and allergies are different.
Let's do our best while forgiving ourselves when we don't .
I'm aiming for a better A1c 
for  better and healthier life,
physically and mentally.

What are you doing for better numbers?

Have a great numbers day!


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