Friday, November 22, 2019

Getting the Knots Out

Getting the Knots Out


Oh the Knots!


My new world has caused a bit of stress.
I could feel the tightening in my neck and shoulders.
My back was aching from sitting at a desk all day.
Lifting the little man strained my muscles.
How about managing diabetes every day?
Every bite?
Every moment?

I rounded up the sitter.
Made an appointment that worked with his schedule.
And then -
Started counting down the days.

The Massage

Oh my goodness!
Warm toasty table.
Starting to relax.
The massage started.
The shoulder blade area was full of knots!!
I could feel the knots.
As she rubbed the area
those tight little knots
started to breakdown.

She asked if she should spend a little extra time on the neck and back.
Uh... probably.

At the end of the session I was sore.
A good sore,
I am still a bit sore 2 days later.

She reminded me to get up from my desk and stretch.
Showing me stretches that would help open up my chest.
Pull back my shoulders.
Help the back muscles relax.


I have set reminders in my phone to move.

Plus booked my next massage!
Counting down....

Are massages a part of your self care?

Have a great numbers day!



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