Saturday, May 25, 2019

Take a Pill the Right Way - Maybe

Take a Pill the Right Way - Maybe


Believing Research

I was reading a magazine and came across an article about swallowing  pills.
A German study had concluded there were better ways
and described 2 methods.
I wasn't so much interested in the new methods.
I just wanted to know WHY?
I have no problem taking pills.
Why this study?
I am used to swallowing lot of pills.
Big pills.
I pop all of them in my mouth.
I use my teeth to push the pills to the back of my tongue and mouth.
Yep, I stick out my tongue to push them back close to my throat.
Grab a glass of whatever is handy -
Except hot beverages-
Except warm beverages when taking fish oil -
then I gulp.
Down they go.
So I looked around and found out that people have problems taking pills.
Various reasons too:
Fear of choking
Natural desire to chew before swallowing
Fear of gagging
Fear of pill going down wrong pipe
Harvard looked at the study and made a few comments

Harvard says don't try different techniques at home.


If like me you have never had an issue taking pills - yay!!
If you have a problem, do as they suggest, get with your Dr.


If you never had a problem but do now,
let your Dr. know
as diabetics we are prone to
things like
Acid reflux
Neurological damage
Dry mouth
Thyroid problems
just being diabetic can also be to blame.

If you have problems swallowing, pills or food, ask the Dr. to help you!

I hope you have a great numbers day!




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