Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Picky Eaters - UNITE!!

Picky Eaters - UNITE!!


Yummy Cheesy Broccoli Soup


Okay, not just a picky eater.
A SUPER picky eater.
And is isn't just certain foods.
I don't want my food to touch.
You know,
Unless it belongs together like potatoes and gravy.
No gravy touching my corn on the cob.
Or the green beans.
I don't do ground up food made into a big food.
No hamburgers, meatloaf, or meatballs.
I'm okay with hamburger left small in tacos, no big chunks though.
Yeah, I know.......
And admit.....
I am a super picky eater.

My BF claims he isn't picky at all.
Hmmm, yes, he is.
I made a very delicious soup.
5 stars on the recipe site.
"Everyone loved it!"
"Even my picky little boys ate it up"
Well, not mine.
Well he did eat it.
And then wanted a sandwich..
The soup tasted funny.

This is actually the problem though.
We like different foods.
Plus with my low carb diet, food has really become an issue.
He loves noodles:
Not a favorite of mine + not low carb.
He loves casseroles and stews:
I prefer my food in separate sections of my plate.
He LOVES spaghetti!!:
Just no. Please no. Never liked.

So lately we have been having lots of chicken breasts with vegetables.
How many ways can you cook chicken?
Lots - but we just can't agree on what we like.

To all of you picky eaters
And those who claim not to be..
(but really are)

Eat what you like.
Eat what you enjoy.

And here is one trick
Make it plain.
Put spices, shakers, and sauces on the table
Dress up your own food!!

If you have better ideas
Pass them on.
Obviously we need help!!

Have a great numbers day,


Sunday, November 3, 2019

"WHY" A Curious 3 Year Old Asks

"WHY" A Curious 3 Year Old Asks


So I have a new world.

New city and state. New job. New car. An unexpected 3 year old - with toys, daycare, and car seat. New challenges.
Same old diabetes though so I am trying to get back on track with SparkPeople, Chronometer, blogging, and finding a way to add a little exercise in on occasion.

So the curious 3 year old loves to ask WHY. Especially at bedtime.
Okay, let's put the book away. WHY
Because we are done reading and it's bedtime. WHY
Because it's bedtime. WHY
Because I have work and you have school. WHY
So that we get the sleep we need to have a good morning. WHY
Because I need good mornings. ( (hug hug)) XXX.
And I finally walk out as he is asking WHY.
But it made me think about my WHYs
Why am I trying to getting back on track?
Why log in, log food, blog, and all the other things that don't make me money and take time.

I need to have community when it comes to diabetes care.
I need to pay a bit more attention to my food so I feel better.
Blogging helps me be a bit more aware about the day. The good, bad and ugly.
And a little exercise never hurt, right?
Maybe even help me with the exhaustion I feel going back to work full time with a 3 year old boy with endless energy!

His WHYs have helped me look at where I am at, where I want to be and WHY.

Thanks little one!
Have a great numbers day!