Wednesday, September 26, 2018

FreeStyle Libre Sensor Placement

FreeStyle Libre Sensor Placement

Messed Up Again

I wanted to do a test:
attach a sensor early, without activating, to see if accuracy improved
especially at the beginning.
I attached the new sensor which promptly bled.
Although the sensor has worked fine
I made a mistake - one I have made before:
2 Libre Sensors

I attached the new sensor inside the "fold" so I wouldn't
scan it when I scanned the old one that I still had time on.
It wasn't enough and now at 4 days
the sensor is pulling away from the adhesive:
Libre Sensor Pulling Away


I did this before
Placed the sensor where the disc was on a fold
The disc pulled away and this one is now coming loose.

Ow!  Inside of Arm Hurts.

Inside the Fold of My Arm

This placement was a little more inside but I was trying to stay away from the fold.
You know, the fold when you raise your hand up to wave, or high five.
I won't put the sensor in this area again.
When I sleep on my side I feel the sensor between my arm and side.
At times I feel a pinch
There is a soreness down my arm by the fold
the same fold where the sensor is pulling away from the adhesive.
The adhesive is still stuck to my arm though  - LOL!
Something new everyday and I will stick to the outside of my arm!

Have a great numbers day,


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