Saturday, September 8, 2018

Libre Install

Libre Install

Sensor Ready to be Inserted

The sensor pack has a peel off lid and is sterile.
The sensor applicator has a screw off cap with a
dark mark that is aligned with the sensor pack dark line.
Once lined up, press firmly using a hard surface, until it stops

The Filament
The small filament is what measures the interstitial fluid.
Around the filament is the adhesive tape.

Things I wish I knew before applying my first sensor:

Tape 2 quarters to each arm.
This gives you an idea of how a sensor will feel on each side.
Does your purse/backpack/bag strap interfere?
Do you carry a child on a hip?
Are you a side sleeper?
Do you bump into doors or walls?
I found my right arm is a much safer place for placement.
CLEAN the area where you put together the pieces.
Somehow I got a strand of hair on the adhesive.
Not good, or sanitary.
CLEAN your site.
I have dry dry dry skin!
I use lotion, thick creamy long lasting shea butter lotion.
I now wash the area with dish soap (like Dawn)
to remove any and all oil/lotion from my skin.
I use the alcohol pad and let dry.
Same with the second pad.
DO NOT put the sensor on an area that bends or folds.
When the quarters are on your arm look in a mirror:
Lift your arms over your head, act like you are cooking,
running, exercising, doing your daily stuff.
Make sure the sensor is on a consistently flat area.
Use a somewhat fatty area.
I put one up higher, in a meaty/muscle area.
I occasionally felt a pinch - not pain - maybe discomfort?
The lower, fattier area seems better.
Join the Libre Facebook Group
There is one for all users and a USA specific as well as other countries.
I found lots of tips, insurance info and savings, and
other placement sites (although not officially approved).
This is for me
Wear it with pride.
I met a Sensor Sister on a walk when we spotted each others sensors.
Share your experience when other diabetics ask about it.
Answer questions from those who have no clue and use it as a teaching moment.
I got the special scan from TSA my last flight and used the experience
to show and explain the sensor to the agent.
Showed the pharmacist how it worked when picking up the 2nd months supply.
I was embarrassed the first 10 days when I saw people look at my arm.
Hot summer days = tank tops and swim suits.


Go ahead and look. Ask.
Knowledge is to be shared!
Let me know if you have a CGM/FGM.
What do you know now that you wish you knew when fist starting?
Here's to a great numbers day!

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