Saturday, September 22, 2018

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup Part Two

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup Part Two


Test Complete, I think

So today the Libre started working after the 12 hour start up.
Here is my observation:
The initial scans were higher than the usual initial scans.
I try to attach and start the 12 hour startup before I go to bed.
I wake up to a ready to go for 10 days sensor.
Usually the initial scans are low, as in check your blood low.
Below the 70  

August 29 after 12 Hour Startup

September 9th after 12 Hour Startup

As the graphs show, the last 2 sensors tended to show low numbers in the morning
after the 12 hour activation.

Here is todays graph:

Today my Graph looks like this

No lows
No red line on the graph.

Next startup I am going to try this again!

Have a great numbers day!!


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