Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Libre Sensor and Blood Part One

Libre Sensor and Blood

Part One

A Test Gone Wrong

A Bleeder

I wanted to test something posted on a forum:
Attach your next sensor earlier, without activating, to increase accuracy.
I attached the new one which promptly bled.
Never had that happen before!


I went online and found different results when blood comes out the sensor hole
1 - it works
2 - it works with better accuracy
3 it doesn't work at all after the 12 hour start up

Well that didn't help at all!!


I found different opinions regarding how long to "pre"insert a sensor for greater accuracy.
I have 2 hours left on my old sensor.
It seems in the USA, where the start up is 12 hours, 12-24 hours early is often done.
This is not Libre approved but neither is placement other than the upper arm
people place them in other spots (more on that later)

A New Test

Because it bled, I decided to just take off the old one and start the new one.

Tomorrow we will know if it works......

Have a great numbers day!



  1. I have replaced the bleeder as well. Reason was it didn't stop bleeding, my question is does Libre company replace these sensor or do I have to eat the cost?

  2. Sorry for the delay. Libre will replace, for free, sensors that quit working or give error messages. I have learned bleeders typically work just fine and to use as normal.