Monday, October 1, 2018

Chia Seed Revisited

Chia Seed Revisited

I received an email from diatribe about chia seeds.

Chia Seeds
I tried them  - twice - about a year ago.
I threw both bags away.
They tasted like mold.
After throwing away the first bag I read up on chia seeds.
Ok -
maybe they were old
maybe they need to be refrigerated
maybe I need to eat them faster
maybe I made them wrong?
How can you mess up adding liquid and letting sit??

Second bag tasted like mold too.
Threw it away after trying a bunch of recipes that were supposed to hide the taste.

So much wasted time and food trying recipes that tasted moldy.
Do I try again?

Deciding to Try Again

 I decided to try again.
I bought a bag at Target -
I know
But I was there and decided to give it a try for $5.

Some Tips

Chia seeds are high in fiber: beware if you aren't used to eating lots of fiber
Bloating. Gas. Diarrhea. Constipation.  Just to mention potential side effects.
Take it easy when first adding chia seeds to your diet.
Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which can thin blood out.
Blood pressure could potential drop.  If you have issues with either
of these, ask your doctor.
Monitor your blood sugar, especially if taking medication for glucose control.
Studies have shown that chia seeds may increase the activity of certain drugs.
As a diabetic I usually test more when eating something new or different.

No Moldy Taste - YAY!!

So I added a teaspoon to my cereal and there was really no taste difference.
So I tried a small amount of seeds soaked in a little almond milk.
Gel - I got thick milk with crunchy bits.
Now this wasn't a recipe or a way I would eat them but more of a test:
Was the moldy taste there?
It wasn't!!
I'm going to try to incorporate chia seeds into some recipes to see if
the added fiber makes a difference.
If you didn't like them like me
Try a different brand
Try a different store (old seeds are not good!)
Try a different recipe,
Good luck and have a great numbers day!
So far I haven't noticed any issues adding chia seeds to my usual breakfast.


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