Monday, September 10, 2018

My Sensor is Falling Off!

My Sensor is Falling Off!!


My Libre sensor is peeling off.
Sensor Peeling Off

 What I did wrong:

See the bend?  The adhesive is still stuck to my arm but the sensor is peeling.
Since the sensor doesn't bend, placing it where my skin hangs
was not a good idea.
See the hair?  Although the adhesive is still stuck to my skin,
having a hair there can't be good, or hygienic!
 Not sure how it got on the adhesive pad but I now make sure
the prep area when putting the sensor parts together is clean.
I clean my arm - washing with soap, rinsing, and then drying with a clean lint free cloth.
I use both alcohol wipes allowing the skin to naturally dry.

3M Medical Tape

Keeping the Sensor On

I had 3M medical tape in my first aid kit. 
I covered the sensor wondering if the scanner would work.
I used the reader and - YEAH - it worked!
I got on Facebook and found people use
Pimpmydiabetes stickers
Waterproof Bandaid
Self-Adherent Wrap

Some help the adhesive stick better and longer.
Others go over the sensor.

I had to make do with what I had but it's nice to know there are options.
And that I'm not the only one!!

Hope you have a good numbers day!


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