Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup

Freestyle Libre and Early Startup

I read where people attach, but not activate, their Freestyle Libre early.
Supposedly this helps the calibration to be more accurate.
I wanted to try last time but had blood come through the center of the new sensor.
Now it's time for a sensor change.
I have 12 hours left on the old sensor so this morning I attached a new sensor.
Freestyle Libres Old and New

Freestyle Libres One Old and One New

Now I wait

I will keep flashing the old sensor for the remaining 12 hours.
Going to let the new sensor just chill, hopefully hanging out
with my interstitial fluid for 24 hours before using will make the
readings more accurate the first day.
(That's 12 hours early plus the 12 hour startup)
I normally attach the new sensor at night and activate it at the same time.
The activation happens while I sleep and I can start flashing when I wake up.
Night times I generally am low so I don't worry about not having my numbers.

The First 12 Hours

It seems after the initial activation my numbers read low for a few hours or so.
I want to see if attaching, but not activating, makes a difference when I first start flashing.
Only 24 hours until I see if this helps!

Have a great numbers day!

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