Monday, September 17, 2018

Libre Sensor and Blood Part Two

Libre Sensor and Blood

Part One

I have a bleeder!
New Libre Sensor with Blood
I haven't had this happen before.
I wanted to attach a new sensor early to see if it would help with accuracy.
Blood! Yikes!
I got on line and found out varying results

Part Two

I removed the old sensor - leaving 2 hours on the table.
I activated the new sensor and started the 12 hour countdown.
In the morning, I scanned the sensor.
Oh man - seemed like the sensor wasn't very accurate
we were traveling and I packed my test strips and meters.
They were somewhere, somewhere in a motorhome full of random storage.
I decided to let the sensor try to work while I searched for the meter.


I found my meter!
3:08pm  Libre VS Meter

3:44PM Libre VS Meter

Ok so not exact but from what I read the Libre and a blood glucose meter will not match.
The explanation coming in a new blog
But it seems this is close enough.

I pulled reports including days before and after the sensor that blood had come out of the center.
Seems the sensor worked like the others:
taking a little more time:

Libre Graph Before and After New Sensor


Libre Graph After New Sensor

So it seems to be working just fine!!
I get to save a few bucks 

Have a great numbers day!



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