Wednesday, September 5, 2018

FreeStyle Libre is a FGMS in the CGM World

FreeStyle Libre is a FGMS in the CGM World 

I got it!
I got a prescription for the FreeStyle Libre from my doctor.
I went to the pharmacy and paid my $200 for the sensors and reader.

Here is what I got:

FreeStyle Libre sensor box

FreeStyle Libre Reader
So, after all that research I did not notice until now that the FreeStyle Libre is a
FLASH Glucose Monitoring System. (FGM)
Makes sense after reading up on the CGM's that the Libre is a different kind of
continuous glucose monitoring system.

The Libre FGM Difference

The Libre cannot be used with an insulin pump.
The Libre does not have alarms for highs or lows.
The Libre Reader must be scanned for the glucose number to be displayed.

The FGM and other CGMs

Both take the glucose measurement from interstitial fluid glucose levels in real time.
Both provide patterns.
Both provide data for making decisions.

Why the Libre for Me

I think the Libre will be great for me.
I am not on an insulin pump.
I "feel" weird when high or low.
I am active and want a convenient way to test when out in the wild
I am excited to try the Libre out.
Hope this research helped you like it did me!

Have a great numbers day!

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