Monday, September 3, 2018

Libre Freestyle Continuous Glucose Monitor

Libre Freestyle Continuous Glucose Monitor

Libre System
Freestyle Libre

I wanted a CGM, continuous glucose monitor.

For me.

Insurance says no coverage because I am type 2, not insulin dependent.

Fine - I will get my own!

Maybe, depending on cost, if you know what I mean.
The search is on!


Here is the third one I checked on:

Freestyle Libre CGM

The Freestyle Libre basic info:

approved for 18+ years old
sharable data
up to 10 day sensor
simple applicator for sensor
no alerts
transmits data wirelessly to display device
computer program for more detailed reports

 I like this one too but I wish it had alerts.

Still the price is much more affordable.

I called Walmart and found out the reader was $79. and a 3 pack of sensors, or one month, was $121.
So the first month is $200 and since the reader lasts one year the monthly cost after that is $121.
That works out to $127.60 a month.

Calling the doctor to see about a prescription.

She said YES.
Picking it up hopefully tomorrow.


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