Monday, November 7, 2016

Granny Apple Test Part 1

I haven't had an apple in quite a while. When I saw the small granny smith apples on sale I stopped to take a look. I am not an apple lover, especially the tasteless mushy ones. I like tart and crispy. The apples in the bin looked like they might work so I grabbed the 3 smallest ones I could find.

Started out at 94 mg/dL.  Waiting my 30 minutes. Oh and the carb count on a small granny smith apple is 20 g with 4 g fiber and 14 g sugar.
Waiting.......waiting.................waiting........ Oops 42 minutes
and I am at..... 164 mg/dL
I was sitting at my desk so now I am getting up to file and put things away and go home. Guess I'll test when I get there. 
Got home after stopping at post office and putting fuel in my car. 90 mg/dL
I feel better but apples, eaten alone are off the list of okay foods!

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