Friday, October 14, 2016

Stupid Sweet Potatos

I LOVE sweet potatoes.  Baked. Fried. Mashed. I don't care how you cook them, I LOVE sweet potatoes.  I was not happy the last time I had a sweet potato. My number was high after I ate but I didn't test before. Tonight, we bbq'd a tri tip and I heated up the other half of the baked sweet potato. I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on it too. Cauliflower joined the meal.
 Number? 95 mg/Dl
Carb Count? 24 to 30 carbs
Fiber Count? 10 g.
Time? 6:35pm
Testing results (and comments)
7:15pm -  40 minutes later: 176 mg/dL  (ugh)
7:45pm - 1 hour and 10 minutes later: 194 mg/dL (UGH)
Hop on the Precor for 30 minutes at a medium pace
Decide sweet potatoes are off my menu because I can't just have one bite.
8:17pm - 1 hour and 42 minutes: 167 mg/dL
8:59pm - 2 hours 24 minutes: 125 mg/dL
Not just time but exercise too in order to get my number 

down faster than what my
body could have done on it's own. 

Oh and a few very large glasses of water.

Live and learn or in my case - Eat and test.
No more sweet potatoes.

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