Monday, November 28, 2016

SHealth and Reports

I definitely need to get better at logging everything, and I mean everything, into my phone app called SHealth.  Samsung has the app on my phone and I have grown used to using it for food, exercise and glucose numbers. Still, I don't always log everything every day. Today I got a weekly report in the app and so I sent it to my email. WOW!  I didn't log on Tuesday, at all but the information was useful as I could see my high glucose numbers and averages. I think if I was more consistent I would find the information even more useful. I need incentives and maybe this will help!  I did send SHealth a message asking to make the numbers all mg/dL instead of part of it mmol/L which I have to convert.

Hoping SHealth keeps improving. What is your favorite program or are they all too much of a pain and add even more to think about??

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