Friday, November 25, 2016

DON'T Make Cookies You Like Part 2

Dinner time - cookie bags still on the kitchen counter. Check out DON'T Make Cookies You Like Part 1 blog Maybe next time I should put them in the pantry right away but now it's too late. I plan dinner around having a cookie. A medium sized one. When you want to keep your numbers in the range that has been decided on, eating becomes a game of strategy. I don't want to lose the game tonight so I make scrambled eggs with cheese on tortillas which makes the carb count 20 grams.

Add medium size cookie and I hit about 33 g of carbs
I only ate 1!! Honest!

Dinner at 7:08 pm.
Started at 95 mg/dL, 40 minutes later (7:47 pm) at 112 mg/dL, one hour 46 minutes later (8:56 pm) at 126 mg/dL, and finally , 3 hours later, (10 pm) I am 112 mg/dL.  Good enough, I am going to bed!

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