Monday, November 21, 2016

DON'T Make Cookies You Like Part 1

Today was a bit of a tough day. I made cookies last night. Chocolate chip cookies which I don't really care for BUT I added pecans at the request of my BF. Lots of pecans with a pecan half on the top. 
I love pecans. Now I love the cookies.

Still, I should have been okay. The deal was: I make the cookies Friday night and Saturday morning, bright and early, he puts the cookies in the cooler to share with his buddies while fishing (along with all the other food). I woke up, went in the kitchen and found 2 bags still on the kitchen counter. WHAT?? NNNOOOOOO screams the adult in me. YYYEESSSSSSSS yells back my inner child who doesn't worry about glucose numbers and loves pecans too. 
I made it to 4 pm. I checked and my number was 94 mg/dL so I ate, or should I say nibbled and savored, the smallest cookie.
44 minutes later - 119 mg/dL
one hour and fifteen minutes - 129 mg/dL
one hour and 53 minutes later - 132 mg/dL
3 hours later - 95 mg/dL

One cookie. I am so glad I took my time and enjoyed the flavor and chewiness of  my one cookie.

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