Friday, November 18, 2016

Waterfall Hike and a Box of Raisinettes

Today started out sunny with the nasty weather to blow in later during the day. I decided to take advantage of the window of opportunity in front of me and loaded up my backpack with 2 water bottles and a large, movie size box of dark chocolate Raisinets.  Oh, I also packed pecans. And pumpkin seeds. The Raisinets made me the happiest as they sat beside my Diet Dr Pepper.  Off we went to the trailhead and I started the hike up the hillside to the waterfall that was about 3 miles away.  My lemon water kept me hydrated but about halfway up the hill I decided I could start munching on Raisinets.  I got one comment from a man coming down the trail about my choice of snack and how he needed to remember to pack something good next time.  His friend just laughed.  I was only going to eat half and save half for the way down but somehow I ate the entire box. 62g carbs of which 54g are sugar.  I still had about 1/2 a mile to go when I finished the box so I was hoping I would be okay. I got to the top and tested at 95 mg/dL.  OH YEAH!!  I snapped a selfie with my snack choice - sorry the box is upside down - and got a new comment from the gentleman sitting on a log. "Those are the best. I tell myself everytime I eat them that they contain two good-for-me ingredients:raisins and dark chocolate."  We laughed and I went on my way. 

This hike was awesome for so many reasons:
I reached 17319 steps today
Round trip, I walked about 6 miles
I met two other women walking the trail on their own, just like me
I ate Raisinets and didn't spike
Exercise, as in the hike, was fun 
I am tired tonight
It is snowing right now and I am home
I don't like snow and I got to hike one more time
I ate Raisinets, the entire box, one Raisinet at a time:
Except at the end when I ate the tiny ones all at once
Perfect day, all the way.

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