Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Quitting Diet Soda - Week Two

Quitting Diet Soda - Week Two

I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper!

I Love Dr. Pepper

I am trying to quit my Diet Dr. Pepper habit.
I was drinking 1 a day.
Maybe 2 a day on the weekends.
Or when I was eating out and it was available.
I love the soda machines some of the fast food restaurants have.
Heaven - yes - I hear angels when I walk in and see one of those magic machines.


my diet soda habit had gotten out of hand.
I decided to quit.
Cold turkey.
Well, after I drank the last one under the sink.
Yes I drink them warm but that's a different story!!

So I quit.

Two Weeks Down

I have to admit.
This is hard.
I miss my Dr. Pepper.
I miss it everyday.
I looked forward to my soda, my treat, my one bad habit.

I didn't have headaches.
No flu like symptoms.
In fact, I haven't really felt any different.
I don't feel worse but I don't feel better.
My glucose numbers haven't change

I haven't changed anything else in my diet or work out habits.

But I still crave, oh man do I crave my Diet Dr. Pepper.


I did cheat a few days.
My BF got diet soda when we went out (cola crap lol!!)
I had a few sips.
Still yucky tasting.
And it didn't change my craving for my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper.
I went to the store and didn't buy any.
I'm still trying to stay away
if only to reduce my artificial sweetener consumption.
I wonder if they can make it with Splenda or another plant based sweetener?
I can only dream, unless.....
I cheat......

I'll keep you posted.

I miss you Diet Dr. Pepper.
I really really miss you.

Have you quit soda?
Tell me about it!

Have a great numbers day!



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