Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Uncertainty of Diabetes

Failure: When Diabetes Gets the Best of You

I subscribe to quite a few website, some diabetes related but others are not.
Still, this article totally unrelated to diabetes made me think for a moment.
He wrote about uncertainty and creating certainty anchors:
for me diabetes has a mind of its own and is my uncertainty
I can exercise each day
I can write each day
I can pay attention to my eating
I can test consistently
I can ask for help when needed
I can create my anchors that will help me stay on tract.
Now when things don't work and I'm disappointed I have choices
Do I obsess about it?
Spend energy trying to change something I can't?
Try to make myself feel better by spending money I don't have or eating what I shouldn't?
Allow the feelings without obsessing
Don't fight the past
Get back up, keep going and if there is something to learn,
accept the learning experience for what it is,
using the knowledge to help manage my diabetes.
Our mindset can work for us, helping us stay positive even when the outcome
isn't what we hoped for or when negative.
Create your anchors.
What you do and who you hang out with can make a difference.
I fail - I will never be perfect and diabetes will make my life
different from what I had imagined.
It's going to be okay.
I can't obsess over it or ignore it (consequences).
I choose to do my best
trying and learning,
repeating the positives
trying to reduce and eliminate the negatives.
Each day is a new day - today though -
not tomorrow -
but today I will do my best.
Do you have positive
affirmations or anchors
that help you each day?
Have a great numbers day!

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