Friday, November 16, 2018

One Hour A Day = 365 Hours

One Hour A Day = Big Changes


What's an Hour?

Expressions tell us how we feel about time:
Killing time.
Wasting time.
Time filler.
Time flies.
Greatest gift is time.
Where did the time go?
The clock is ticking.
If I could turn back time.
Things money can't buy:Time
Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend.
Lost time is never found again.

Now think about these

Those who waste their time are the first to complain they have no time.
Make time by planning your day.
Use time as a tool
Take care of the current moments.
Know the true value of time.

But these two hit home:

To say "I don't have time," is saying "I don't want to".
You know what truly matters by where you spend your time (and money)
I say there are things I want to do but don't have time.
Truth is, I don't make time.

What Does an Hour Look Like?

1 hour a day = 365 hours
9.125 40-hour work weeks
15.2 days
2.17 weeks.
What can you do in that time?
Instead of letting the day happen to you,
what would happen if you planned your day?
I'm not talking rigid planning
it doesn't have to be an hour.
Look at your calendar.
Look at your day.
Look at your phone use.
Look at the tv/screen/game/surfing time.
Where is there spare time if you make an honest assessment?
If you don't schedule your day-
If you don't pay attention to how you
YOUR time
No one else will
In fact:
everyone will be happy to tell you how THEY want you to use your time.

My Plan

My calendar has become full of stuff to do
Important stuff that has to be dealt with.
Stuff with deadlines.
Stuff that requires travel and meetings.
Even with all this stuff,
there are moments,
there are times,
of waiting, sitting,
downtime that I know I could use better.
We all need downtime
but I keep saying there are things I wish I had time to do.
I'm going to schedule some time
Not just think it
Not just wish I had the time
And those little blimps of time?
My notebook has a paperclip on some back pages for ideas.
things that need more thought-
things that need research-
food and recipes-
exercise ideas-
diabetes research-
What do you wish you had more time for?
Logging food?
Working out?
Cooking better?
Do you see any time in your day that could be better "spent"?
Have a great day!

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