Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Diabetes Related Blogs, Websites, and Forums and Too Much Social Media

Diabetes Related Blogs, Websites, and Forums


One Website of Many


This is one of many websites that I look at for information.

Do you know how many blogs, websites and forums there are where diabetes is talked about?
Too many for me to visit them all.
I found I would search for something in particular
hours later I was looking at all types of random stuff.
Interesting stuff
not what I had originally set out to look for.
Dinner recipe?
Beautiful pictures of meals that I won't cook
making me feel inadequate as we eat sandwiches
I lost track of time looking (but not using) recipes!
Many more examples of looking up food programs, diabetic-friendly food, CGMs, and stuff
only to end up getting lost in the world of Social Media.

As much as I want to improve my knowledge and keep up on new ideas
I tend to get lost in "research"

Mindfulness And Minimalism

The new buzzwords
Put Mindfulness with Minimalism
and you have what Facebook Live sessions are preaching
by advertisers and your friends!
I am going to start being more mindful of technology.

Social Media fuels

Envy - Comparison - Anxiety - Depression

Envy and Comparison

We see the perfection on the Internet, look at our lives, comparing pictured perfection
Anxiety and Depression

I'm not perfect at managing my diabetes.
I'm not perfect with my workouts.
I'm not perfect with my numbers, any of them.
I'm not perfect with responding on the forums I belong to.
I don't have time to do it all or be "perfect".

The Goal

There are so many blogs, websites, and forums that I could sit in front of the computer all day and night.
I get too much information
I get conflicting information
I don't use the information.
Time to take responsibility for my TIME.


Set times for internet use
Look for what I need and stop when I find it
Check social media once - or less! - a day, or week or whatever needed
Pick the sites that are useful to me
Unsubscribe from useless emails
Delete emails that don't have information needed now!
(you can always Google it later!)

Although there are many diabetic friendly websites and forums which
contain useful information,
don't rely too much on social media.
"Connections" on social media can leave us isolated in real life, in real time.
 Pay attention when with friends and family
Find local groups where you can create real contacts
Create true relationships by acting genuinely,
face to face,
in person.
Live life in real time doing what truly matters.
Put the knowledge you get from the Internet to use by getting off the Internet and participating in your own care.

Off to cook dinner with a recipe I found using chicken, asparagus and mushrooms.
Low carb and quick.
Computer off

Have a great numbers day!




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