Tuesday, January 8, 2019

No Soda Challenge Ending

No Soda Challenge Ending

I missed you

oh how I missed you

Diet Dr Pepper is back
I tried.
I really tried.
I drank water, flavored water, water with fruit
sparking water with flavors or fruit.
(sorry La Croix, gag reflex upon the first sip. NEVER again)
I drank tea, which I do love, but can only drink so much of.
I drank coffee (at least my doctored up version).
The goal was to get rid of as much artificial sweetener as possible.
And artificial other stuff.
I never found a satisfying solution.
Although I wasn't thirsty, I missed my one-a-day habit.
Okay, two-a-day habit when anxiety kicks in, or lots to do, or just because.

Moving Hiccups

I was moving, or rather trying to move.
Bought a house but couldn't move in until almost 2 months later.
Totally crazy time trying to get things going and stress levels were high.
My stress level was insanely high. How high? HIGH
I was driving all over.
I seemed to always be in the wrong state at the wrong time.
Or what I needed was in the wrong state or wrong place.
Or in storage where I had to go many times at night
forcing me to using my car headlights to see.
I was home though for holiday parties with my family and friends.
I was home when my granddaughter was born.
I was home when my mom had to travel back east
making it possible for me to help with my dad.
Just a bit more stress than usual. LOL!

My Crutch

Diet Dr Pepper, I guess, is my crutch.
I enjoy the flavor, the bubbles, and the mental happiness that one can gives me.
During this crazy time of holiday madness with moving insanity
adding in a pinch of newborn baby,
I have to say sitting down with a can of Diet DP
was all the medicine I needed to calm my frazzled
"What the h*ll am I doing" nerves.

It Is What It Is

I'm back to my *normal* one a day Diet DP habit.
I am okay with that.
As far as vices go, this would be probably my biggest and worst.
I have an occasional drink, often going weeks without one.
I don't smoke.
I watch what I eat.
I take my medicine and test my glucose #'s very frequently.
I exercise with cardio and weights.
I am accepting,  actually kind of embracing, my love for Diet DP.
How about you?
Any so called bad habit that you just aren't ready to give up?
What are the pros and cons?

Have a great numbers day!!

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