Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Quitting Diet Soda

Quitting Diet Soda

Love My Diet Dr. Pepper

Quitting Diet Soda is HARD

I can't believe how hard it is to stop drinking diet soda.
I love it.
I love Dr Pepper
I used to drink cans, as in cases, as in more than I should..
Even before I was diagnosed with Type 2,
I eventually switched to Diet when available slowing eliminating sugar soda forever.
Then came the "just one a day" over 10 years ago.
Still, I went to Cambodia and took a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper syrup,
bought carbonated water when we arrived,
made my own since it wasn't available there.
That's love.
I know others share my love.
I took my own can into a convention in my purse.
When I opened the can, I had a woman ask me where I found my soda.
She had looked in every vending machine only to be disappointed.
When I said I brought my own I thought she was going to cry.
The love runs deep and the love runs true.
Diet Pepsi? Nope
Diet Coke? Yuck
Diet Root Beer? Negative
Diet Sprite? Never
Diet Mountain Dew? Yew
 Occasionally I will drink ICE in certain flavors
they just aren't Diet Dr. Pepper

It is only day 2
Day 2
I am on my second day.
There is none in the motorhome and I want to cry.
Diet Pepsi sits on the ledge (my BF favorite)
I am not that desperate yet. 
but not yet.

Withdrawal Symptoms

I researched diet soda withdrawals
Yes - there are withdrawal symptoms ranging from:
appetite changes
brain fog
food cravings and hunger
depression or mood dip/swings
heart palpitations

Caffeine or Aspartame?

Is it caffeine or aspartame withdrawal?
Is it both?
Some recommend adding coffee or tea to drink.
The caffeine is less plus coffee and tea are natural.
Adding a little caffeine is supposed to help with that side of the withdrawals.
I was trying to reduce my use of artificial sweeteners.
I use quite a bit.
Being diabetic, I tend to rely on sugar free creamer, diet soda, and sugar free stuff.
Even my fiber cereal has sucralose.
I might need a program
or maybe reward myself to one or five on the weekend?
Have you quit using artificial sweeteners?
Have you quit soda - any kind?
Did you have withdrawals and if so, what did you do?
Here's to a great numbers day!

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