Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Small Changes - Big Differences

Small Changes - Big Differences

Not So Good Day
Good Day

 Making Good Habits

Have you ever made a decision to change something and yet
no matter what you do, things don't change?
You can see where my good habits aren't really habits.... yet.

Here are a few things I need to do

Environment matters:

Change your environment to help you make changes
Put your medication and vitamins where you see them to help you remember to take them
Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed
Make your bedroom a place to sleep
Put your books where you read
Buy healthy food and leave the junk at the store
Find what works and repeat it
Hang out with like minded people
Organize space for a specific reason


It's easy to eat one of three breakfasts knowing my numbers will be okay
Attach desired habit to an already establish habit
so take medicine when brushing teeth for example
Habits free up time by eliminating the need to spend time deciding on
what to eat, when to work out, where to eat

Change my thinking

Start with repetition not perfection
Improvement compounds with time (like interest!)
Find like minded friends and interest groups
Find the benefit and pleasure in the new habit
Measure results - the graphs above are a measurement of each day
pictures measure some results as well (Yikes!!!)


Some things have to change
the habits I need to focus on have been hard while living in a motorhome
Food - eat right
Exercise - walk each day, add weights when possible
Life - stay positive, look for the good, and remember
Life is a journey and I should be designing my world
just floating and being a consumer watching time go by
Changes are easier said than done
but knowing what I need to put effort into
making my environment support my goals
automating good habits
will hopefully
make it easier to change
make it easier to enjoy
make it easier to create.
Have a great day, in all ways,


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