Friday, March 3, 2017

Off Metformin For a Few Days

I stopped taking Metformin to go on Onglyza. It took a week for the insurance and my doctor to decide on Januvia instead. I headed to southern Nevada and forgot to grab the new prescription! I thought I would take advantage of the fact that I had not been on any medicine and eat 1/2 serving of old fashioned oats with 1T of ground flaxseed. 17.5 carbs. My glucose was at 104 at 8am when I ate. 8:30am I tested and..... drum roll please.... I was at 170! Oh crap because I knew it would only go up so out the door I ran for a long walk/run. That is where I walk and then jog for a bit, rotating the walk/jog until I am done. After a 45 minute view of the outdoors, I tested at 114. Whew.

What do you do when you spike? How do you get it lower - fast? Do you avoid that food forever?

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