Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 3 Januvia and Fasting AND A Low Glucose Number

Meal Count for the Day
132 carbs for the day
Too Low
68 mg/dL

Woke up and tested at 95!
A number less than 100mg/dL in the morning??
Wow, can you say wow!?!
My breakfast: eggs and 1 slice of toast for 17 carbs
I stopped at a friend's house and all of us got to chatting. I realized I was HUNGRY. I mean HUNGRY, really really HUNGRY. I checked my watch and it was 3pm! I hadn't eaten before I stopped by at noon thinking it would be a quick stop and when it wasn't, I was not prepared! I left and headed to Miller's Ale House to eat with another friend. I looked at the salad menu and thought about the Apple Walnut salad - NOPE! 97 carbs in this delicious sounding salad.  I opted for the Chicken Philly (website says 71 carbs), swapped out a side salad (hold the croutons) for the fries. Keeping carbs down still.
Now here is the surprise I got. I tested after ordering and had a glucose number of 68. Say what??  68! You heard me right. I cannot remember ever having a number in the 60s since I started testing 5 years ago. I was starving, shaky, and a bit light headed. (Next time I will do a second test as well)
When the sandwich came out, I took off the larger top half of the roll and ate the rest in about 10 minutes. I was soooo hungry and it tasted sooooo good. 
 I figured around 50ish carbs without the bun top and a salad. 
Is that a good guess? I think so since my # was 112 mg/dL when I tested an hour later. Don't think I needed to worry about a spike.
Miller's Ale House
Apple Salad to Avoid

Now I need to back a small bag with some snacks and carry it with me. 
                                               Do you have snacks packed just in case??


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