Monday, February 27, 2017

Going Home and Defending Myself - Stupid Scale

I have been enjoying winter in southern Nevada where it is warmer than northern Nevada with its cold temperatures and snow. I get outside quite a bit, walking around the town and enjoying the small town ambiance. Often times I will walk to the post office after eating a carb loaded meal like a sandwich or tacos. (You know what I mean, LOL!!)  I still find it hard to eat and I can't blame it all on Metformin, which has reduced my appetite and given me a metallic taste in my mouth. My love of carbs, as in bread (can you say deep deep dish pizza? Soup in a bread bowl, light on the soup? Cinnamon rolls and croissants?), makes it hard to eat. I don't want salad, vegetables, or a huge piece of meat. I'm sure you are getting the idea - I have lost weight.

I get home and see my BF and parents. First comment..... You are getting too skinny!
Ummm, okay. Pretty much always been on the smaller side but I know I am too thin. I am trying. I don't need it pointed out. Would you tell someone they are getting too fat? They are getting too bald? They are getting too old?

I eat but work hard at keeping the glucose numbers down and that limits my options. I work out. I am going to keep trying and maybe the new medicine will help with my glucose numbers while allowing me more flexiblity in what I eat.

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