Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 4 Januvia and Oatmeal Test

Oatmeal with ground flaxseed has become my test meal in the morning. Before DDay, oatmeal with berries was a morning favorite. After DDay, I had tried to eat 1/2 servings of oatmeal while on Metformin, off Metformin and with a carb blocker.
Today was the test day since starting Januvia.
A whole serving too.. not just 1/2 serving like before. Major difference!
The carb count for breakfast is almost 20g. I woke up to a 98 glucose number and walked my daily route. When I ate breakfast I was at 93 and 40 minutes after eating I was at 167mg/dL.
Here is the real test, I waited 20 minutes.
Sitting around because I didn't want to mess with the numbers made me anxious!
I hate just waiting and wondering since damage occurs at high numbers.
Why? Because on/off Metformin my numbers would climb higher and higher for about 2 hours, then my numbers would start to slowly go down. Only 1/2 of a serving too. What kind of consequences would there be by allowing my numbers to climb? I ate a whole serving! I knew it would be bad, all bad and I prepared to run ot the door in anticipation of  the new number. The new number?
Drum Roll Please - 143!!
 After about 30 minutes - 109!! Take a look!!  This is AWESOME!!
Dropping Glucose Numbers

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