Friday, March 24, 2017

Day 2 Januvia and Chili

Day 2 became a testing day.
Can you OUCH, yes, my poor fingers but testing is how I learn what I can safely eat (usually! LOL)
I have a chili recipe that I make that I do pretty good on as far as my numbers go. 
I really thought I would do better since I started out at an 88 mg/dL. Which by the way, 88!! Wow. Love seeing that number! Still I was a bit disappointed at the the numbers after eating. As you can hopefully see, I climbed up to 131, climbed more to 151 and reached a peak at 163 almost 2 hours later. Twenty minutes after the peak, 
a 95 mg/dL Crazy, right??  No, crazy me! I realized while writing this out that I ate the chili with corn tortillas (making a form of tacos) which added 20 carbs! I made my lunch a high carb meal at 51 grams!!  Oops. I have to admit the glucose numbers were actually pretty good once I factored everything in. 
Glucose Numbers in S Health

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