Friday, March 17, 2017

Day 1 Januvia and POPSUGAR

Today was probably not the best day to test out Januvia. I didn't go on my usual walk due to rain, extreme wind, and cooler temps. I sat around most of the day and this evening I had my homemade chili which doesn't usually cause a glucose number spike but that was testing in the Metformin days. I ate at 7pm a meal that is around 50 carbs but high in protein (22 carbs) and fiber (11 grams). I was at 103 mg/dL and 1.5 hours later at 148 mg/dL. I wasn't sure if I was heading up or down so I decided to do a little work out. I love PopSugar and this core and arm workout was great. PLUS I got the bonus of a 103 mg/dL after. Oh yeah!
Do you have any workout videos you like? I love YouTube!

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