Friday, December 23, 2016

Moving or What Happened to My Routine?

I like routines. I like lists. One problem.... I don't follow the routines I try to set into place, like working out and beading. Okay, two problems.... I don't pay attention to my lists either. I make a shopping list only to leave on the counter. I put reminders in my phone only to swipe the "x" with the intention of grabbing my medicine and then forgetting it when I see the cup of tea I left on the counter. I try. Really. I try.  I actually almost sort of had a routine going at home until I decided to snowbird for the winter. Cold and snow are four letter curse words. Now I am in a motorhome, in a warmer climate, trying to set in place new routines. I haven't worked out, taken my medicine regularly, logged my food, or gotten to bed on time. It is all so new. It is all so different. It is so exciting. It isn't all bad though. I walk to the post office, grocery store, and around the neighborhood. I am eating more vegetables and legumes while scaling back on the meat. Instead of working out, I make it a point to move after I eat like walk, jumping jacks, sit ups and have actually started a list of exercises in hopes of working different muscles three times a day (or when I want candy) 👍

 Taking my medicine has gotten better since the bottle is now next to my tea pot so I see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. 
Going to bed, well that's a work in progress!!

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