Friday, December 9, 2016

Doctor Appointments Part 1

I called the doctor before my usual 6 month and askd for extra testing. I was tired. Not a normal "I am busy, stressed, overworked, etc" tired. I'm talking going from a full tank of energy to no energy - zip, nada, empty - in 15 minutes. To muscles becoming noodles and mind getting so foggy that I couldn't move or form a complete sentance. The office added additional tests to my blood work. Now I wait.

My A1c number was 5.7.  Prediabetes. He was happy with my progress. Me, not so much. I feel like he thinks I am unrealalistic. It really isn't my A1c that upsets me, it is the daily highs. I wake up over 100 mg\dL and have gone over 150 mg/dL when I eat 40ish carbs at one time which makes eating a challenge. My daily carbs are under 100 but it is a hard diet to maintain. Not sure how to express myself.  Any suggestions?

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